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3-D and 4-D Spine, Pelvis and Posture Analysis

January 9, 2008
By Canadian Chiropractor


newprod1Fast, contactless and raditation free, the Formetric uses a fast – 40 milliseconds – high-definition optical measurement of the surface of your patient’s back to produce graphical, clinical and analytical information on the spine, pelvis and posture.

Ideal for chiropractors, the Formetric provides clinical information to develop your diagnosis and treatment and to document your treatment outcomes.The Formetric’s radiation-free and non-invasive qualities allow you to repeatedly perform multiple scans of your patients – for example, before and immediately after manipulations. A complement to your radiology equipment, the Formetric does not require any licence, special building construction or lengthy training in order to derive benefit from its accurate and repeatable measurements.To learn more, call 1-514-780-0525, e-mail, or visit