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3rd Biennial Conference on Brain Injury in Children

Maria DiDanieli   

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Feb. 7, Toronto, Ont. – The Centre for Brain and
Behaviour at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto will be hosting its Third
Biennial Conference on Brain Injury in Children from July 9-13, 2013.

SickKids Centre for Brain and Behaviour is a virtual assembly of areas within
the Paediatric Neurosciences, both internal and external to SickKids. Its core
business is the creation of a seamless integration of clinical, research and
educational activities.


Centre is fluid but is defined by interactions, collaborations and the
implementation of strategic initiatives by its diverse members. The Centre’s
mission is to advance the integration of research, clinical care, education,
and outreach to improve awareness of, as well as health, quality of life, and
well being of children everywhere with disorders of the brain, spinal cord,
peripheral nerve, and muscle. As DCs may encounter children with brain injuries
of varying etiologies in their clinics, the Centre is a resource for up-to-date
information and research on health implications, co-morbidities, etc,
experienced by children living with these injuries.

conference, now in its third run, is the only conference devoted exclusively to
the full range of paediatric brain injury types, and it will provide a unique
vehicle to develop multidisciplinary strategies for research and treatment in
childhood brain injury.  Researchers
believe the only way to understand the pathogenesis and natural history of
childhood brain injury and its co-morbidities is to develop coherent
multidisciplinary approaches to this problem in therapeutic and research
domains. Novel interventions can be developed to target both the biological
genesis and the psychosocial co-morbidity of brain injury in children.

Topics will include Guidelines for the Acute Medical Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in Children: The Evidence, NFL and Concussion in Sport: Lessons Learned,  Prevention of Traumatic Brain Injury: ThinkFirst, Concussion in Children and Youth: Diagnostic Indicators of Recovery and more.

The conference will be held at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto.

For more
information about this conference, or about the Centre for Brain and Behaviour
at the Hospital for Sick Children, please visit


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