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A Canadian Chiropractic Master – Interview with Donald Viggiani, DC

By Roger Turner DC   

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Dr. Donald Viggiani of Toronto has been
in practice for 52 years, served on many college, provincial and
international boards. He still practices 5 days a week and all his
patients feel very privileged to be under his care.

Dr. Viggiani’s first experience with
chiropractic was positive. He met a chiropractor named Dr. Vera
Littlejohn who told him about chiropractic and that she could fix his
knees. She also taught him about the human spine and about various
aspects of health and wellness. She was able to adjust his spine and
correct his knees,and eventually, Viggiani found himself able to play
football again – he decided then that chiropractic was for him.

“I didn’t have that much confidence
in myself in my early years, but I had a lot of confidence in
chiropractic because it had helped me,”says Viggiani. “ I saw
people getting better under chiropractor’s hands. This is such a
wonderful thing we have and the most important thing is we don’t do
harm – we just do good.”


All students visiting Dr. Viggiani’s
office are inspired by the fact that every patient receives his full
attention. His ability to stay focused is remarkable. His
adjustments are masterfully done with precision and flawless

“The chiropractic principal is just
so all inclusive that what I would invite everybody to read the story
of ‘That Something', chapter 1, 'Bigness of the Fellow Within',
volume 22 by BJ Palmer” notes Viggiani. “The law of attraction is
definitely at work there. I learned the ability to focus and to put
my whole self into things from B.

“The intensity of my desire to be of
service is important. I am very thankful for the awakening that I had
early in my career that, I don’t judge the situations that I find
myself in. I just focus on putting my whole self into every
patient’s care.”

“Jim Parker was a major influence in
my life” continues Viggiani, “He’s taught me that loving
service is my first technique and to to have faith, confidence and
belief in my product, service and ideas.”

Humble beginnings

“When I first started practice I
didn’t have goals, in that sense” recalls Viggiani. “I
visualized people in a never-ending stream coming to me with problem
cases and situations that they couldn’t solve. Serving those people
and getting them better, that was my vision. I still search for more
and better ways to help people.”

“It never entered my mind to be one
of the best, because everything in service to humanity is doing the
best you can with what you have, and I just did that. Put my whole
self into my profession and career. I wasn’t looking for
adulation, I wasn’t looking for position. I really wasn’t, I was
really looking to be of service.”

“50 years ago it was necessary to
educate people about the principals of chiropractic instead of about
ourselves” says Viggiani, looking back to his early days. “We put
the principal first and the patients first with patient lectures and
still do. If patients don’t understand what we do, they’re
forever looking after the symptoms and not beyond.”

What do patients want?

Dr Viggiani notes that, “The patients
choose what’s important to them – for many it’s not important to
be vibrantly healthy because there’s a certain amount of
responsibility that goes with that.”

“I try to instill in people to make
that choice, to take personal responsibility for their own
well-being. Essentially, I just explain how the nervous system works.
My staff explains the x-rays and they watched a video tape prior to
me giving them the report of findings. I explain to them where their
problems are and what needs to be done.”

“Patients just want to know four
simple things:

1. What’s wrong with them?

2. Can I help them?

3. How long is it going to take?

  1. How much it’s going to cost?”

“We explain to them the principals,
each visit is educational.”

Chiropractic in the public eye

“In the political arena I learned
that we haven’t focused on what we need to, or we would be seeing
far more than two per cent of the population” notes Viggiani. “We
haven’t told the big story or given them the big idea.”

“We need to do this through our
licensing bodies” he continues. “They should be educating the
public about what we do, our education and what chiropractors can

Dr. Viggiani feels that chiropractors
do not just relieve pain, or just treat neck and back symptoms, but
when they adjust the neck, that shoulder and arm problems, all kinds
of things improve.

“Everybody sees changes in the
organic structure,” he says, noting that a number of symptoms can
be dealt with while under chiropractic care.

“We need a concerted effort to
educate the public that today our education has become phenomenal and
disclose our best kept secret – that we help sick people to get

Life-long teacher and learner

“I still have the desire to serve – I
enjoy what I do immensely,” says Viggiani. “I’m happiest in my
office. I still like going to seminars and learning. When I’ve
taught at any level, I enjoy that probably most of all, and the
office gives me an opportunity to do just that.”

Dr Viggiani offers the following, for
new graduates and young chiropractors: “For new grads, BJ Palmer
said, 'Go where there’s backbone, especially your own.' All they
have to do is to maintain the principals of what they do and they’ll
be successful.”

“For the seasoned pros,” he
continues, “keep on keeping on. Don’t lose the fire or let
anybody dampen your dream, or put your fire out. Keep your dreams


“I look at the bigger picture and I
look at what I want to accomplish – and sometimes why haven’t I
accomplished certain things. Usually it’s because I’ve been
focusing on myself instead of focusing on the patient and on
the service. I look at my practice, my life and my accomplishments
and wonder why haven’t I done more.”

“If practice is not fun and the
office is boring, that’s sad,” concludes Dr. Viggiani. “We
have a lot of fun in our office. Sometimes you have some pretty
serious situations to deal with, but it should still be fun. The
sheer joy of being able to help those people, that’s fun.”

“We are healers; we either provide
inspiration and healing to others, or something that is negative.
Provide what is positive and right. Dr. Bill Bayan says ‘The
creative process always begins with what is right in life’.”

“It’s wonderful to be a
chiropractor. Chiropractic encompasses so much in health, but life
encompasses chiropractic. Another of my mentors said, ‘The truth is
true and all is well. Unconquerable life prevails. So, better that
we dance life’s tune or we don’t dance at all’.”

Dr. Roger L. Turner D.C. has been a chiropractor for 34 years and has developed the C.A.T.S. technique.He is an accomplished speaker with appearances at Parker
Seminars, Parker College, Palmer College, several state and provincial
associations and independent consultant seminars such as Mike Reid. Ask Dr.T any questions at  

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