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ACAC Launches Straighten-Up Alberta

October 9, 2009
By Maria DiDanieli


Oct. 9, Edmonton, AB – Launched October 8, 2009, with an
elementary school demonstration of how easy and fun it is to do Straighten Up Alberta exercises, the
Alberta chiropractic profession is attempting to get everyone, young and old,
to reach for better posture.

Alberta chiropractors are implementing
the Straighten-Up program to educate
the public in the benefits of improved posture through simple exercises.  Straighten Up Alberta is a free, public service program,
specifically designed and completely dedicated to improving posture in just
three minutes a day.

Poor posture can negatively impact everyone, young and
old. If younger individuals develop poor posture, it can decrease fitness and
activity levels as they age, resulting in the potential of increased health


Long-term effects of poor posture include:

  • chronic
  • TMJ
  • shoulder
  • pain
    in lower back
  • tightening
    in legs
  • kyphosis  

Since poor posture can negatively impact everyone, Alberta’s chiropractors
are encouraging everyone to adopt this simple program into their daily routine.

The exercises outlined in the Straighten Up Alberta program can be done by anyone and don’t
require equipment or special clothing, making it an ideal warm-up, cool down,
stand-alone routine or simple ergonomic break that can be done anywhere.

For more information on the Straighten Up Alberta program,