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Adding light therapy to your chiropractic practice

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tanda_lightSept. 25, 2009 – The Tanda Professional Restore light therapy
device was made available to the Canadian chiropractic market in September 2009.

Sept. 25, 2009 – The Tanda Professional Restore light therapy device was made available to the Canadian chiropractic market in  September 2009. Chiropractors can integrate light therapy treatments into existing care regimens to expand service offerings in their practices, or sell the device to patients for use at home.

The Tanda Professional Restore
light therapy device.



This device uses 870nm Super Luminous Diodes (SLD) to emit
700mW of energy in the infrared spectrum; providing 5 joules/cm2 of
light energy for the purpose of therapeutic warming and a temporary increase in
localized blood circulation. The results are temporary pain relief, increased
muscle relaxation and improved range and freedom of motion.

“The chiropractic channel is the perfect environment for
home-use light therapy devices such as the Tända Professional Restore,” explains John Kennedy, CEO and Founder of Pharos Life, the parent company of the Tända brand. “Practitioners
can integrate the technology into current service offerings, allowing them to
educate their patients and demonstrate the device’s effectiveness and benefits.
Patients can then purchase the device from their trusted healthcare
professional. It is a great business opportunity for chiropractic offices and a
fabulous opportunity for patients to experience the technology first hand prior
to purchase.”

Tända Professional Restore was launched at the College of Chiropractic Sports
Science of Canada (CCSS(C))conference in Burnaby,
British Columbia on September 19th,
2009. However, even before this launch, leading chiropractors had already
recognized the opportunity to integrate this treatment into their practices.

John De
Finney, DC,
of Active Health
Center in Markham Ontaio
states; “At last, there is a light therapy device that is convenient, effective
and affordable. I am able to create new treatment protocols for our patients
that include proven light therapy and make the device available to them for
purchase to use at home in between visits. It’s a great addition to both sides
of our business and we are thrilled to be one of the first chiropractic offices
to offer this great product.”

Unique to the Tända
Professional Restore
light therapy device is the revolutionary modular
design. The interchangeable treatment heads offer a range of wellness

What will this
device cost?

The complete kit includes device, Tända Professional
Regenerate treatment head and a hands-free adaptor, all for the manufacturer
suggested retail price of $395CDN.

About Pharos Life

With over 30 years experience,
Pharos Life is the world’s number one manufacturer of professional and home use
light therapy devices. Pharos Life is dedicated to the development of
innovative light-based technologies and the supply of affordable, at-home,
non-invasive light therapy solutions that improve wellness and quality of life.
For more information contact Pharos Life at 519-651-1177 x 263, or visit their
website at

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