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Alberta Health Minister Will Not Confirm Delisting Report

Maria DiDanieli   


Feb. 6. Calgary, Alberta – Alberta Health Minister Ron Liepert is not confirming reports that the province's government is considering delisting chiropractic and other minor treatments.

Hector Goudreau, the province's employment minister, spoke at a business luncheon in his northern
constituency this week, where he told attendees that some treatments not covered by the Canada
Health Act may be delisted in Alberta.

Goudreau was quoted in a local newspaper as having said that
"mole removal, chiropractic and a couple of dozen other medical services
are unaffordable."  He added that any delisted services would likely become eligible for Blue Cross private insurance coverage.


In Calgary, Liepert told reporters that he is reviewing health-care
expenses very thoroughly, but would not name those medical services that were being considered for delisting.

Liepert went on to say that Albertans will continue to receive those medical services and treatments that are listed under the Canada Health Act.

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