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Anecdotes are not enough to condemn chiropractors

By Susan Martinuk Calgary Herald   

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July 18, 2008 – This article, by Susan Martinuk, comes to us from the July 18, 2008 edition of the Calgary Herald and discusses evidence in favour of chiropractic neck manipulation. 


pages recently featured a column by Dr. John William Kinsinger on the supposed
dangers of chiropractic neck manipulation. In it, he made a collection of
statements about chiropracty based on the individual case of Sandra Nette, an
Edmonton woman who apparently suffered a stroke after a neck manipulation. She
is now suing the chiropractor and Alberta Health in a case that Kinsinger says
will put certain chiropractic practices on trial.


column is filled with terminology that pushes emotional buttons, and claims
chiropractic is a non-scientific profession, which is particularly ironic since
he fails to provide much scientific evidence to support his own claims.

missing facts are important because they reveal an entirely different story
about strokes and chiropractic care — and it's one that all readers deserve to




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