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By Barbara Sturm   

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Motivation is defined as “the psychological feature that arouses an
organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action;
that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.” (

Motivation is defined as “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.” ( Let’s break this down a bit and run it through observations gleaned from my experience within our profession.

Motivation is the psychological feature that arouses action towards a goal. Thus, in order to be truly motivated we must have a desired goal. Just to seek motivation without a clear goal in mind is futile. Could this be why so many DCs go to a weekend seminar, get all fired up and are quickly discouraged and back to needing another “fix”? If we’re devoid of reasons even to be motivated, then we’ll quickly need to be motivated again because there was nothing for that motivation to anchor to in the first place. Your community will not anchor to an unanchored mind.


Transcribing one’s goals is not enough. Have you noticed? Here’s proof: Have you placed smiley faces next to at least half of your New Year’s Resolutions thus far? To achieve goals, savvy entrepreneurs know that their list of goals is not complete without clear objectives along the way. Those clear objectives are the thread through one’s daily life! Here is the bottom line: to fully benefit from motivation, one must have clearly defined goals and the associated daily habits which drive the actions and results and thus yield one’s most desired lifestyle.  

Our chiropractic philosophy is enveloped in abundance and yet there are chiropractors around the globe that live in lack. My brothers and sisters in chiropractic: it doesn’t have to be that way! If I could show you a better way, would you be interested?

OK, listen up.

In the second section of the definition, motivation is defined as the reason for the action. Success demands that we adopt very compelling reasons for choosing discipline over regret, which leads us to the accomplishment of our goals so we live our ideal lifestyle. If we are going to lead our communities to optimum living, we have to live optimally!

Nature abhors a vacuum. Thus if we’re not having our personal needs met outside our offices, then we’ll seek to have them met inside our offices. But, without passion and purpose (reasons), we will not seek to meet them through our own actions, but will expect other people’s actions or goals to mysteriously drive and fulfil our needs. When this basic truth is ignored, we are in a negative energy status. This yields mediocrity, defeat, busy-ness, frustration, and having patients who suddenly disappear. It’s energy, baby! Those vanishing patients were being forced to donate energy to you because your tanks were low. It’s not my rule; it reflects the laws of the universe. 

My experience in this profession supports my observation that when a person craves motivation, it’s likely that they’re attempting to live out someone else’s purpose and passion (reasons). Naturally, this results in an insatiable craving for motivation because attempting to live someone else’s ideal is exhausting. 

There is hope. Make it your mission this week to connect with a friend or coach who is trained to help individuals find their true north – an individual who will help you uncover your authentic motivation, ie reason, to carry out your objectives in order to achieve your goals and fully live in abundance!! 

Give your community a firm place to anchor on so that they, too, can learn to live optimally!

Barbara Sturm, DC – Dr. Barbara Sturm is the Head Coach and Dean of Achievement at She and her team help chiropractors and their support staff, worldwide, to achieve their practice goals.

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