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Back to Basics – April 2009

By Barbara Sturm DC   

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It’s rather disheartening, to me, that we have been taught not to
discuss symptoms with patients and we have definitely been trained to
refuse to cater to our patients’ pain, right? It’s almost like you’re a
“black-balled” chiropractor



It’s rather disheartening, to me, that we have been taught not to discuss symptoms with patients and we have definitely been trained to refuse to cater to our patients’ pain, right? It’s almost like you’re a “black-balled” chiropractor – a pseudo-MD – if you admit that you talk to patients about their pain and immediate symptoms. I have even heard it said that there are some chiropractors who have signs in their offices that read, “Don’t talk to the doctor – it only slows him/her down”  or that the vibe of the office is that the chiropractor doesn’t really want to engage in conversation about the patients’ pain and suffering. It’s not really important. What?

Let’s look at this for a minute. In order to be a leader, to inspire, to help, support, and “coach” another human being, we must first meet them where they are. To be the best leader and source of help, it is mandatory that we come along-side them, and begin walking with them. How can I help you on the journey if I don’t want to know, or care, where you’re starting from? When I know where you are; where you want to go and especially know what will compel you to keep taking steps forward, then I can absolutely be your leader and source of help. The great news is that I don’t have to figure it all out. I just have to pull forth what you want and how, then deliver it. Easy!!


Determining the Starting Point
Can you imagine giving driving directions to your office before knowing where a new patient is driving from? If you just give random directions, your new patients will rarely find you and if they do, they’ll be frustrated. Your efforts to attract streams of new patients will have gone down the drain, all because you didn’t find out where they were starting from, and then offer clear directions to get to you.

Doc, really, how much more important is it to be clear on your new patients’ starting point as they embark on the journey we call life?

One of the resounding comments I hear from docs I coach is that they very much appreciate how I meet them where they are – that I take the time to uncover what’s in their heart and head – to truly understand them, and where they’re starting from. And when that is clear, I can offer customized strategies and procedures to help them reap rewards and satisfy their reasons for taking action. Addressing your patients’ needs is no different – you need to meet them where they’re starting from in order to help them move forward.

Pain or Sweet Relief
The Putting Attractiveness Into Now strategy can now find its sweet relief.

Confidence, courage, and power increase when we know how much someone else cares for us and that they have our “back” – not for their agenda but rather to champion our own personalized desires and wants. The patients who come to you react exactly the same way when they know that you have their back. It’s about innate expression and doc, it, most certainly, is personal. Your patients will follow you when you show them how much you care and get up, right beside them.

Putting Attractiveness Into Now  is all about being more attractive than ever to those who seek your care and support. You will instantly become exceedingly attractive to your existing patients – and this translates into better retention – as well as floods of new patients, when you focus on meeting them right where they are and give them the complete confidence that you will walk with them every step of the way on the journey that they desire.

Success Strategy
Ask every patient, yes every patient, who graces your office today this question, “How can I best serve you?”

This will yield intense ease and enjoyment for you, and for them. Ask them how you can best support them, and help.

Doc, do you see this? 

They’ve just told you exactly how to keep them as your patient and hence, increase retention and profits. And, because they’re stoked about your care of them, they’ll gladly take action on your referral requests, enthusiastically bringing new patients to you.

Define what’s right for you
If you’re looking for less stress and pain in your business and personal life, stop trying to define what’s right for anyone other than yourself and your own practice. Just meet individuals where they are, help them to look within themselves for their truth, and then provide the support they want to accelerate forward. You will instantly Put Attractiveness Into Now.

Care, doc, don’t carry! Meet your members where they are in their pain and suffering, and demonstrate to them you are the solution they crave. It  is time to focus on Putting Attractiveness Into Now.

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