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Back to Basics: February 2009

By Barbara Sturm   

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In 2008, did you surpass every goal you had established? Did you enjoy
more rewards in 2008 than you did in 2007? If not, what’s your plan for
2009? How can you ensure that, one year from now, as you’re scanning
back over the previous 365 days, you stand in awe of your
accomplishments and rewards?

Lessons from the rear view mirror


In 2008, did you surpass every goal you had established? Did you enjoy more rewards in 2008 than you did in 2007? If not, what’s your plan for 2009? How can you ensure that, one year from now, as you’re scanning back over the previous 365 days, you stand in awe of your accomplishments and rewards?


I was recently chatting with a dear friend, and cherished client, Dr. Michael Beattie, and he shared this with me: “My practice is fun and relaxed; patients love it and pick up on my enthusiasm for life. I’m on track for my best year in 10 years!” How exciting! Will that be you next year? Experience has taught me that each one of us can be in the same position as Dr. Michael. Now is a perfect time to learn lessons from our rear view mirrors as we march into another year.

Defining the choice
What does “lessons from our rear view mirror,” mean? Simply this: the present is always perfect and the universe never lies. We are each given ample opportunities to maximize all of our potential. We’re given endless avenues to experience each and every reward that we desire. The difference between those who are enveloped in their wildest dreams and those who continue to struggle comes down to one very simple truth – those who choose discipline over regret are the ones who triumph. Those who base their actions on their mood, instead of their commitment to success, chase after their dreams instead of living them.

Not one of us can change the past. However, each one of us can powerfully thrust forward to alter every minute from here forward!

You choose. Will you watch life through your rear view mirror, focused on where you’ve been, thus dramatically increasing the likelihood of future “crashes”? Or will you firmly grab hold of the steering wheel of your life and drive with passion, discipline, and determination on that road that will give you the rewards you want most? The choice is yours.

That choice begins with the raw truth that 85 percent of success, as entrepreneurs, is based on business acumen; only 15 percent is based on one’s skill as a chiropractor.  Therefore, chiropractors who harmoniously blend their passion for chiropractic with strong business habits and strategies will rock it in practice.  We are in the relationship business, and the economy of 2008 is favouring those businesses that focus on developing and nurturing strong relationships within their communities and practices.

And, in order to enjoy our desired rewards, we must take consistent and focused action.

Not a solitary journey
Just as one cannot build a strong business on what one is “going to do”; one cannot spend money they haven’t made yet, and live life on credit, or spend health we do not have.

This mentality calls to mind the allopathic approach of erroneously convincing patients to think that there will always be a “cure” for them. In the medical world, if people want to live a life of poor choices – more drugs, etc – that’s OK.  The sad truth is that, at some point in time, no amount or strength of drug can turn their health around.  It’s too late.  They’ve out-spent the small deposits they made into their health account, choosing the next best drug instead of a lifestyle of health and well-being. One day, they find their health is gone.

For our patients, on the other hand, consistent chiropractic adjustments, the relationship with their chiropractor, and the unmatched support and value received from their DC is mandatory for a fully maximized life – versus living life on “credit”. We all know that those patients who focus on their chief complaint, and only the resolution of it, are missing out on many of life’s sweetest rewards.

Like it or not, as chiropractors, we often have chief complaints too. I have heard lots of these ranging from: “not enough new patients” to “my town stinks”; from “my patients don’t value their health” to “the insurance companies don’t reimburse”; or “I don’t have enough money” to “my staff is lazy.” Yes, I’ve heard them all and every one of them requires consistent adjustments for wellness to prevail, just like the health of our patients. Success comes from within, and commands consistent and supported action. It is not a solitary journey.

It’s time to focus forward
So, doctors, what was your chief complaint throughout 2008? If you’ve busied yourself searching for the “magic bullet” or next best thing to rid yourself of your chief complaint – you’re just like the patients you attract, who you rant and complain about. They want immediate results and complain when it doesn’t happen now. Just like human health, business health follows the same principles. Health comes from within. It’s a journey not a destination and the quicker we adopt healthy habits and commit to them for a lifetime, the faster we’ll enjoy a life of ease, abundance, and fulfillment of our optimum potential.

How about it? Is it time to focus forward and learn the lessons viewed through your rear view mirror? Have you moved beyond just the chatter and thought of creating and living better in 2009 to focused action? What is your plan? Who will be your support and guide? Will you continue to choose to do it alone? How successful would your patients be if they chose to follow in your footsteps? This is not a dress rehearsal and the rewards – they’re endless!! Insist upon your very best and watch how your patients follow suit.

Rip down your rear view mirror. Learn the lessons, and take action for a wildly explosive, fulfilling, and victorious 2009! We’re in this game called life and we’re in it to win it!
2009 is going to be f-i-n-e ….let’s rock it forward!!! •

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