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Balance and Fulfillment – The Masters Circle Embraces Toronto

By Dr. Peter Gaibisels   


Lifelong friends in chiropractic, Drs. Bob Hoffman and Dennis Perman
intertwined a dual theme of emotional engagement and personal fulfillment to a
house full of D.C.’s, and their staff members, who attended the York-Peel
Chiropractic Society Spring Seminar at the Yorkdale Holiday Inn in Toronto on Tuesday, April

From the get-go, Dr. Hoffman engaged us
emotionally by revealing an issue that rocked his personal and practice
life.  He told his story about how the diagnosis of colo-rectal cancer
thrust him into a new awareness of the need for balance in life, especially the
balance between business life and home life.  Dr. Hoffman saw three
possible relationships that one could have with one’s work; that is, to treat
it as a job, to see it as a career, or to embrace it as a calling. The passion
with which Dr Hoffman embraced his own work as his calling had driven him into
the workaholic level –  he would work
from 14 to 16 hours per day.

He asked himself, ”Is this the balance that
I am advocating for my patients?”  “Is this the chiropractic story in my
own life?”


Dealing with these important questions provided life-growing challenges for Dr.
Hoffman.  Personal growth became key.

Dr. Dennis Perman complemented this theme by pointing out that where we shift
our attention to will shape our practices, our patients’ lives and our own
lives.  If you ask this type of question of your team members, as well,
you ensure that you will have a growing, personally engaging, balanced
staff.  In the big picture of overlapping circles, we, ourselves,
represent the largest circle.  To accommodate an increased capacity
anywhere in our spheres of life experience, we must grow ourselves.  To
recognize our strengths is important – yet when growing our capacity, we must direct
our attention to the areas that are less
strong.  By doing this, we bring balance
to our practices and to our lives. 

Dr. Perman revealed the power of routine.  He encouraged us to use a
morning routine of affirmations, visualizations, breathing, movement, marital
emotional enhancement, spiritual enrichment, connection with purpose and goals.

We thank Drs. Bob Hoffman and Dennis Perman for bringing balance, fulfillment,
emotional engagement and increased life into our practices and home lives.

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