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BCCA Supports Alberta Chiropractors

Maria DiDanieli   


16, Vancouver, BC – On Friday, April 16, The British Columbia Chiropractic Association
(BCCA) presented the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC)
with a cheque for $20 000.00.

“The Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors (ACAC) has faced challenges  arising from the 
allegations and filing of a class action in the Albert Courts," says BCCA president, Dr. Heather McLeod. 
"This legal and media event was of significant interest and impact to all chiropractors."
Dr. McLeod goes on to explain that chiropractors in Alberta bore the full weight of this incident,
including its substantial cost, on behalf of all DCs. There was no option. The BCCA Board now feels it is
more than appropriate to share some of the costs. Therefore, on behalf of BC's chiropractic doctors
the BCCA Board has forwarded a cheque in the amount of $20,000.00 dollars to the ACAC Board.
The attempt to certify a class action against ACAC in relation to its regulation of chiropractic, and
against all individual chiropractors in Alberta for alleged inappropriate and non-beneficial treatment, has
 been defeated and is not being appealed.
“This is an important legal ruling for each province's regulatory board and every chiropractic doctor,”
Dr. McLeod continues. “The judgment supports the theme that it is not appropriate to question the
scientific validity of chiropractic within the courts.”
The contribution from the BCCA was presented to president of the ACAC, Dr. Clark Mills, at the 
chiropractic association and college board meetings in Toronto. 


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