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Bringing chiropractic to mainstream media in Ont.

Maria DiDanieli   


Oct 19, Toronto,
ON – Television commercials raising public awareness of the benefits of
chiropractic care are scheduled to air in high frequency on a major television
network in Ontario beginning in early 2011.

These commercials
will direct viewers to either (1) a new website where information about
chiropractic is provided and potential patients can directly search a list of
member chiropractors, or (2) fill out an online application for treatment on
the website which will be routed to the nearest member chiropractor, or (3)
call the 24 hr/day toll free number which goes to a call centre and directs
leads to a member chiropractor’s office.


commercials are the work of The Canadian Chiropractic Marketing Network (CCMN)
and all ads are approved by the College
of Chiropractors of
Ontario (CCO). 

“With the help of Ontario chiropractors, we will be placing up
to twenty television commercials per day promoting the use of
chiropractic on CITY/OMNI TV, an Ontario-wide television network,” says
chiropractor and president of CCMN, Dr. Amit Sharda. “These commercials
will be aired on an ongoing basis.”

vision is to begin with one or two approved commercials that provide targeted messaging,
introducing some general information about chiropractic care with respect to
back pain, neck pain and headaches. 
After the public has become accustomed to these, new commercials will
surface, each adding new details about the many benefits of chiropractic.

brand awareness created by a high repetition ad campaign executed in the mass
media, the general pubic become more educated and confident about the safety an
effectiveness of chiropractic overall. 
The utilization of chiropractic has remained stagnant for far too
long.  A project like this is far overdue
to secure the future of our profession. 
The time is now.”

Integrating the powers
of television and the internet to build your practice

“Built into these
commercials is a referral system for chiropractors to get patients
sent directly to their office, says Dr. Sharda.  “The referral system will
involve a 24/7 call centre service, online applications from our website and
direct listings of your office.

“Combining the power of TV advertising
with the versatility of the internet and a direct referral program makes sense.
Television remains the most effective medium in reaching a mass audience, but
it’s typically too expensive for individual chiropractors to pursue. Still,
it’s important to get the word out – to grow your practice – and to make a
meaningful difference in people’s overall quality of life. There is power in
numbers! A referral network provides
a vehicle for providing valuable, approved messaging while helping the public access
individual chiropractic clinics.”

Information on how to join the
network can be accessed through the main website
Click on the “Doctors” section and enter the password “referral”. Here,
chiropractors can apply to become a member as well as view the first in the
series of professionally produced television commercials. 

“For the launch we are limiting the number of
chiropractors who can join the network to approximately 200.  It is on a first come first serve basis, and
we will only accept one chiropractor within a certain radius to ensure the
effectiveness of the campaign.  Our goal
is to have a CCMN registered chiropractor available in each area so any member
of the public interested in receiving care can easily have access. ” says Dr.

For more
information about CCMN, including details for being integrated into the
referral system, please contact Dr. Amit Sharda at 1-888-95-CHIRO or
416-262-3659 or by email at


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