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CAC-Ontario SpringCon08: 10th Anniversary Spectacular

Maria DiDanieli   


There is a palpable buzz starting to
happen as more and more DC's are getting jazzed about the CAC-Ontario
SpringCon08: 10th Anniversary Spectacular.  The CAC Board is also pretty
stoked, and if current registration trends continue, will host a sell-out

    The speakers list
is over the top…you will have a hard time getting to hear a better line-up
without flying to numerous locations which are both exotic and expensive. 
Onstage, this year, are Dr. Gerry Clum, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Arno Burnier,
Dr. Gilles Lamarche, Dr. Sue Brown, Dr. Tony Palermo, Dr. Reggie Gold and Dr.
Donny Epstein.   An amazing line-up, appealing to ALL aspects of
creating a successful chiropractic practice.

Add in the Friday night Wine & Cheese Reception, the WoW Kids Club, the CA
Breakout sessions, the Student-DC Success Conciousness Mentoring Session, the
WineMakers Dinner, the Saturday Late-Nite Chairman's Reception, Friends and
Family Golf and you have a recipe for what has been called "The Best
Chiro-Party of the Year!". 


For more info and registration, go to or call 877-997-9927.

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