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Canadian DC serves on World Games medical team

Maria DiDanieli   


July 16, Kaohsiung, Taiwan – As the eighth World Games commence in Taiwan,
today, the Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport (FICS) is proud
to announce that 35 DCs – including Canadian Gary Barone – will be serving on
the event’s medical team.

Dr. Tim Ray, Chair of the FICS
Games Commission reports, “
This is an historic trip. In so many ways
they will be making first steps through previously closed doors for sports chiropractic,
by stepping into a country, a culture, a system of health care largely
unfamiliar with


It will be the FICS team’s privilege to introduce an alternative form of health
care to the television audiences of Southeast Asia, the country of Taiwan and to
thousands of athletes from over 80 countries competing in these games.” 

35 DCs, from 15 different countries, will be striving to work seamlessly within
a medical community that is inherently reluctant to include or accept
chiropractic into its midst, particularly as a partner in sports medicine.  DC participation in this important international
event is an opportunity to assist the Taiwan Chiropractic Doctor’s Society – a group
which is working toward recognition as a legitimate profession in that country –
to move toward increasing their credibility.  

the potential of demonstrating chiropractic in view of thousands present at the
Games and to television audiences throughout Asia,”
says Ray. 

Chiropractor would like to wish all the chiropractors involved on the medical
team for this event the very height of success during the games.  We would also like to thank Dr. Barone for
stepping forward and becoming part of this important initiative for the

Source:  Federation Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport, 2009.

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