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Celebrating 25 years of Chiropractic at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

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UQTR’s undergraduate Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DCP) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and the university will host a special continuing education event, which will take place from September 27th to 29th, 2018.

This event will be hosted at both UQTR and the Delta hotel in Trois-Rivières, as agreed upon by the university’s Department of Chiropractic and the Ordre des Chiropraticiens du Québec (OCQ). This event’s partners also include the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec (ACQ), the Fondation chiropratique du Québec (FCQ), and the Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières organisation (IDÉ-TR).

Friday September 28th, the OCQ will be hosting a special program of continuing education during this event at the Delta hotel in Trois-Rivières. We invite you to consult the program at: In late afternoon, the OCQ will also be hosting their AGM at UQTR (closed session for OCQ members). A cocktail will be served after this assembly, and there will also be guided tours of the campus and facilities for those who are interested. A shuttle service will be offered to bring participants from the Delta hotel to QTR, and back again.


Saturday, September 29th, will be dedicated to a special scientific program, which includes three conferences in the morning and six master classes in the afternoon. Some distinguished guests have already confirmed their presence. A presentation about ethics for health professionals will be given by professor Marie-Josée Drolet, O.T., Ph.D. Dr. Pierre Côté, D.C., Ph.D and renowned epidemiologist, will talk about the challenges and issues in the world of research. There will be a conference about the development of paediatric chiropractic in Scandinavia, given by Dr. Lise Hestbaek, D.C., Ph. D., researcher at the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics and associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark.

Saturday afternoon, for the master classes, the attendees will have to choose three of six topics: 1.- Ethics (M.J. Drolet, PhD) or Politics and Communication (Dr. R. Brown, D.C. LL.B.). 2. – Paediatrics (Dr. L. Hestbaeck, D.C., Ph.D.) or Concussions in sports (Dr. C. Poulin, D.C., M.Sc.). 3. – Research-epidemiology (Dr. P. Côté, D.C., Ph.D. or Eating disorders (Johana Monthuy-Blanc, Ph.D.).

On Saturday night, a tribute gala will be held in the ballroom of the Delta hotel. During this honorary banquet, Dr. Richard Brown, D.C., LL. B. and secretary-general of the World Federation of Chiropractic, will be addressing the audience about the worldwide advances of chiropractic over the last 30 years. The ÙQTR principal (rector), Mr. Daniel McMahon, will be attending both days, including the tribute gala.

This gala aims to acknowledge the people who have played an exceptionnal role in the decision making for the creation and the implementation of the program at UQTR. Several political figures from all three government tiers have been invited. Register today

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