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Chiropractic Awareness Council is now Alliance for Chiropractic

By Canadian Chiropractor staff   


The Chiropractic Awareness Council of Ontario (CAC) has changed its name to Alliance for Chiropractic (AFC), an announcement from the organization’s chairman of the board said.

“Over the past 16 months, our board of directors and I have been digging deep into the WHY of the CAC,” AFC chairman Dr. Craig Hazel said. “Originally founded in 1998, the CAC set out to create public awareness of the virtues of subluxation-based/vitalistic chiropractic. The objective was formidable and the directors at the time were steadfast on bringing it to reality.”

Hazel added, there was a need for a “political voice to protect the integrity of the principles of chiropractic and those that wish to practice under those principles.”


The board of directors of the CAC, recognizing the changes in chiropractic over the last 18 years, decided in order to “create change,” the organization needed to clarify it objectives moving forward.

“Today’s chiropractor must be equipped with objective indicators to demonstrate the presence and correction of the vertebral subluxation complex (VSC). They must establish credibility and certainty in a world where technology and access to knowledge is as easy as a click of the mouse. The chiropractor of tomorrow will be well educated in the neuro-physiology of the VSC, adaptability and how chiropractic can help people in a highly stressful world,” Hazel said.

In turn, the members of the Alliance for Chiropractic will be supported to expand and develop their certainty, technique and communication/delivery of ethical and proficient chiropractic care. It plans to accomplish this through its practitioner growth, strategic alliances and student mentoring programmes.

“Through integrity, leadership and accountability, our mission is: ‘to make the big idea bigger in the hearts and minds of chiropractors,” Hazel said.

“Chiropractic, by definition, includes the neurological component of the VSC. We see all chiropractors, who accept this as fact, coming together to protect our uniqueness in the health care delivery system. We recognize that many wish to and do practice using modalities, adjuncts and provide education above and beyond the correction of the VSC. Large provincial associations have recently dropped the term ‘neuro’ from their vernacular and thus have lost numerous members. We welcome them to be a part of a larger organization that recognizes that the chiropractic adjustment is the heartbeat of any chiropractic practice.”

Utilizing the current research in neuroscience, technology, communication and ethical marketing practices, Hazel said the AFC’s intention is to create proper change and recognition with regulatory boards, government and third party payers.

Following this name change, the AFC will be holding its Fall Conference on November 11 and 12, 2016, at the Westin Bristol Place Toronto Airport in Toronto.

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