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Chiropractic family on a ‘Marathon of Health’

Maria DiDanieli   


May 9, Vancouver,
B.C. –On May 8, chiropractor Ed Chicoine from Wakefield, Quebec,
embarked on a cross-country run titled the “Marathon of Health” with his wife
Gaye and their six children!

Dr. Chicoine is passionate about getting Canadians healthy
and fit and is spreading the news to families across the country by
running with his own family. They will run 90 kilometres every day of the
week, in relay, from Vancouver on the west
coast, all the way to Saint John,  New Brunswick
in the east, and
then down into the United States,
back across to the west coast and back to finish in Vancouver.


The family will give engaging
presentations along the way, teaching people about the benefits of fitness and
a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Chicoine will also promote chiropractic care for
everyone – while adjusting his own family along the way – and stress that good
chiropractic care can be part of good, healthy living. 

Proceeds for the run will go to kids fitness
organizations Kidsport Canada,
Right to Play and Get America Fit Foundation – the Chicoines’ goal is to raise
$5 M for kids fitness in North America and
around the world. 

“With all the technological advances
at our disposal today, we have excellent systems in place to treat disease and
crisis situations like trauma associated with severe accidents,’ writes Dr.
Chicoine. “This is great, but it does very little to prevent the most common
chronic degenerative diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, that
affect so many people today. It has become very clear that the best way to
protect yourself from these conditions is through proper lifestyle choices,
like good nutrition, regular exercise, a positive mental outlook, better
ability to cope with stressors in your life and other factors. You are the only
person who can improve and maintain optimal health. No one else can do it for
you: not your doctor, or the government.”

The family began their marathon at
Prospect Point in Stanley Park in Vancouver.
They were honoured guests at the Langley City Council televised meeting on May
9 and presented at the Chilliwack YMCA on May 11. As well, the Chicoines have
been televised by a number of networks across the country, and their marathon
is continuing!

Chiropractors who would like to
invite the Chicoines to address a group in their town or city, along the route
of their Marathon of Health, are asked to please contact Colleen Edwards at

To learn more about the Marathon of
Health, as well as to follow the progress of the Chicoine family through this
amazing journey in the months to come – and/or to offer your support – please



Assume it’s N.B. and not St. John’s,

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