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Chiropractic Without Borders returns to Dominican Republic

Maria DiDanieli   


2, Toronto, ON – The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic
College (CMCC) is currently preparing for another Chiropractic
Without Borders
(CWB) mission.

year’s group of interns, along with a faculty member and clinician, will continue
where last year’s mission left off, treating patients in Santa Domingo,
Dominican Republic,
many of whom have never had access to chiropractic care. The mission will take
place at the end of April, 2010. 


Chiropractic Without Borders
is a project designed to provide chiropractic care to underprivileged
populations in developing countries, many of whom do not have access to
standard health care. CWB also works to educate people on the importance of
spinal health, and improve the skills of local chiropractors. The CMCC mission
is unique in that it also serves as an educational experience for the
participating interns. Interns are supervised by an experienced clinician who
will aid in assessment and diagnosis as interns work directly with patients. 

last year’s mission, eight CMCC interns had the opportunity to treat over 1,200
patients in twelve days, working in a clinic directed by Dr. Ramon Lopez, a
medical doctor with the organization Doctors
for Peace

order to promote international awareness and to help with fundraising for the mission,
CMCC’s Students’ Council has established a club for Chiropractic Without Borders. The club is currently working to
initiate fundraising activities, organize educational presentations to students
about international health issues, as well as informing others of the work of
past and upcoming CWB missions. 

you would like to support Chiropractic
Without Borders
with a donation that will help sponsor this mission, please
feel free to contact the CMCC Chiropractic
Without Borders
Club.  Contact
information is as follows – 

Without Borders, C/O
CMCC Students’ Council, 6100 Leslie St.


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