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Chiropractor participation in “No Tobacco Day”

April 6, 2009
By Maria DiDanieli


April 7, Toronto,
ON – Celebrated all over the
world, May 31 is “No Tobacco” day.  The
Public Health Committee of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) continues
to  call upon chiropractors, in chiropractic
organizations, colleges, and individual offices to become involved in
tobacco-use control and elimination — and make their involvement known in their

The PHC continues its charge of integrating chiropractic
involvement in international public health activities on a world-wide basis in
coordination with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) programs. WHO keeps the Tobacco-Free Initiative
(TFI), Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and anti-tobacco efforts
as its highest level cabinet priority and so does the WFC Public Health
Committee with its Chiropractors Against Tobacco (CAT) project ( WFC/CAT). 


No other single thing chiropractors do as primary care providers has
the potential to reduce morbidity, mortality and financial burden more than
getting involved in anti-tobacco efforts. Second-hand. or side-stream, smoke
exposure is also a public health menace, particularly to those who are
hypersensitive or allergic, and those who are forcibly exposed in the

WHO has recognized the crucial role of all health providers,
specifically including chiropractors, in simply asking patients about their tobacco
use and exposure as part of an office visit encounter. 

The WFC Public Health Committee encourages chiropractors to participate
in No Tobacco Day on May 31, and participate year round via patient
education and by their own example. The beautifully designed CAT anti-tobacco
posters, all eight  versions, were
recently re-printed and will be available at the WFC Biennial Congress in Montreal, April 30-May 2,

As well, in Montreal,
the WFC Public Health Committee (PHC) will meet and consider additional ways to
take public health for chiropractors from the global level to the local level.
The PHC is expected to continue its support for CAT and also to: 

look at opportunities for
chiropractic in the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health
(GSDPAH), including the Straighten Up program spinal fitness exercises

reconsider Adopt-A-Village options

seek creative ways to achieve
chiropractic public health goals in an economic down time.


Your suggestions and support are most welcomed!


(Source:  WFC Quarterly World Report, March 31, 2009)