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Clinical Chiropractic Cases at NBCA Conference

By Dr. Mohamed El-Bayoumi   

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November 10, 2008 – Fredricton, NB – The New Brunswick Chiropractic Association (NBCA) reports a successful held on October 18 and 19 in

This two-day presentation focused on
the diagnosis and management of interesting and challenging cases presented to
chiropractors. The presenters discussed and demonstrated patient evaluation and
examination, differential diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, adjustive and
rehabilitative techniques. Dr. Bergmann discussed the theory and provided a
practical demonstration of manipulative mechanics including recent developments
in the application of the art of chiropractic and the forces necessary for
chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Taylor presented a selection of chiropractic
cases emphasizing differential diagnosis, imaging decisions, and imaging
findings and how they apply to everyday practice.

Some of the conditions discussed
included disc disorders, piriformis syndrome, facet syndrome, myofascial
syndromes, lumbar strain/sprain, spondylolisthesis, lumbar instability and
stenosis, neck pain and headache, torticollis, Barre-Lieou syndrome, DISH,
enuresis, Maigne syndrome, and many more.


The convention drew approximately 60 participants from  New
York, Alberta, Ontario,
Quebec, New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia, and PEI.  These participants enjoyed
evening entertainment by Mr. Tim Maloney, a comedian from New Brunswick,  and a trade show over the two days.

The organizing committee was quite
pleased with participants terming this event as one of the best ever hosted in
the Atlantic region.


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