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Contemporary Acupuncture for health professionals – dates for 2011

Maria DiDanieli   


Nov. 30,
Hamilton, ON – The Contemporary Acupuncture for Health Professionals program at
McMaster University announces its 2011 session dates.

Contemporary Medical Acupuncture For
Health Professionals is a University-based continuing education program for
selected health professionals interested in integrating Contemporary Medical
Acupuncture into their practice.


Contemporary Medical Acupuncture is
an effective and simple treatment approach based on current concepts of
neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and pathophysiology. Insertion of solid needles
and use of electrical stimulation are the foundation of this approach.

Acupuncture effects on humans
include muscle relaxation, pain modulation, changes in autonomic activity
(vasomotor tone, cardiac rhythm, peristalsis), diverse neuroendocrine and
immune responses, general relaxation, and a feeling of psychophysical well


A health professional finishing this
course will be able to design effective and safe acupuncture treatments for
musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, and common states of disregulation.


These courses are exclusive for DCs,
MDs, OTs, PTs, NDs, RMTs and RNs. 

Registration does not necessarily
mean acceptance to course, all applicants must first be approved by a Credentials

Dates are
as follows –  all courses are taught on
the McMaster University Campus


Spring 2011

Unit 1 – February 18-20

Unit 2 – March 18-20

Unit 3 – April 8-10

Unit 4 – April 29-30-May 1

Unit 5 – May 27-29


Fall 2011

Unit 1 – September 9-11

Unit 2 – September 30-October 1-2

Unit 3 – October 21-23

Unit 4 – November 11-13

Unit 5 – December 2-4


For more
information, including registration details and fees, please visit  




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