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DC Introduces Solution to Sedentary Lifestyle

Maria DiDanieli   


June 25, Kingston,
NY – Renowned third-generation chiropractor
Gregory Soltanoff, D.C. is proud to announce the launch of The Movement—an advanced software
program and instructional booklet that will help combat the hazards of
sedentary lifestyles. There will be a phone application available by the fall
of this year.

is the answer to the epidemic levels
of health issues that arise from prolonged inactivity while sitting at the
computer, providing individuals of all ages with a system that incorporates
quick, discreet stretches and exercises into their daily desk routine.


Dr. Gregory Soltanoff owns two
practices in Kingston, NY, and is the founder of Kinetic Concepts,
LLC, a company that offers
innovative consumer health products. A leader in the chiropractic field of
practice and research, Dr. Soltanoff has extensive experience researching the
connection between long periods of inactivity and common chronic illnesses.
Recognizing the ergonomic relationship between computers and the human
musculoskeletal system, Dr. Soltanoff’s studies have demonstrated that
sedentary lifestyles cause health issues that go far beyond chronic pain and

These problems can include those
commonly associated with sedentary lifestyles, such as obesity and type 2
diabetes, but also some unexpected ailments such as cardiovascular disease,
infertility and cancer. Along with his brother, Dr. Eric Soltanoff, Dr. Gregory
Soltanoff has created a program that targets every main muscle group affected
by inactivity for a comprehensive and effective user experience.

’s patented software features hourly
pop-up reminders that will guide users through diverse exercises and stretches.
These rotating sequences can be executed at one’s desk, and while it is
important for the user to follow them systematically, the simple reminders can
be dismissed or postponed so as not to interfere with work. The Movement is also available in an
instructional booklet for those times when computer access is unavailable, or
otherwise inconvenient. The book outlines how to do effective stretches and
exercises, and includes helpful illustrations, as well a guideline on when to
incorporate the moves throughout the day.

When employed on a daily basis, Dr.
Soltanoff's unobtrusive program will prevent the injuries that come from
extensive computer and laptop use, and stop the negative health effects caused
by sitting in front of a screen for large periods of time. Users will also have
full access to, where they will
find advice and ergonomic tips for at-work and at-home, new effective
exercises, a FAQ section with answers, videos and images to assist the user in day-to-day
applications, as well as pertinent information users need on the road to live a
healthy and pain-free life.

As appropriate for children at
school as it is for adults in the workplace, The Movement can be purchased for personal use, or on a large-scale
level for corporate companies, educational systems, long-distance
transportation vehicles and more.


For more information, including how
to trial and/or purchase the movement, please visit 

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