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Dedicated chiropractors meet in Québec

Maria DiDanieli   


Nov. 30, Montreal, PQ – On November 20 and 21, more than 140 Quebec chiropractors and students,
representing 10 per cent of the profession in that province, met in
Trois-Rivières for the second Québec Chiropractic Summit.

Two years after the first Québec Chiropractic Summit –
which was attended by more than 70 chiropractors – the second summit took place
at the Université du Québec à 
Trois-Rivières (UQTR). The meeting was organized by l’Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec,
in partnership with l’Association des
chiropraticiens du Québec, la Fondation de recherche chiropratique du
and the chiropractic department of UQTR.


The event’s two main objectives were :


  • to
    help members of the Québec chiropractic family better understand the many
    important activities that have been undertaken since 2007 by all four
    chiropractic partner organizations,
  • to
    further discuss matters and concerns that were brought up in 2007, in order to
    initiate new projects in the upcoming years.

Following an update on the main issues concerning each of
the four partner organizations, as well as an overview of the activities of the
UQTR research Chair, the participants were informed about the current status of
the chiropractic profession in France,
by the Association Française de
secretary, Dr Jean-Philippe Pialasse.

There was also a motivational conference by Me Denis
Marsolais, who has been president of the Chambre
des notaires du Québec
for the past 13 year.  Marsolais has recently been appointed
associate deputy minister at the Ministère
de la Justice du Gouvernement du Québec

“ It was the first time
that the chiropractic profession in Québec invited a non-chiropractor to
present possible paths for a successful future”,
says Dr. André-Marie Gonthier, chiropractor and president of l’Ordre des chiropraticiens du Québec.

Me Marsolais
insisted on the plus-value that is offered to the population by professionals,
and on the pride that they must develop in their professional practice," continues Gonthier. "Throughout the week-end, I met experienced chiropractors, as well as students,
who claimed that they were more motivated to help people better know, understand
and appreciate chiropractic.”  

According to Dr. Danica Brousseau, a chiropractor and the
lead organizer for the second Québec Chiropractic Summit, the impressive
presence of chiropractors from all regions of the province is a definite sign
of a very healthy chiropractic profession in

“ We succeeded in
gathering many students, as well as chiropractors who have been in active
practice anywhere from one year to 46 years! More than ever, the chiropractic
family shows unity, and this is,  assuredly, the main asset we have to face the major
challenges that are ahead of us !”

 “ The months of preparation are well worth it
when we are able to witness high-quality discussions, from which emerge intervention
strategies that will be beneficial for the future of chiropractic, as much in
Québec as elsewhere in Canada !” notes
Dr. Gonthier


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