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Dr. Andre-Marie Gonthier delivers Janse Lecture

Maria DiDanieli   


12, Montreal QC – This year, Dr. Andre- Marie Gonthier,
president of the Ordres des Chiropraticiens du Quebec, was selected to deliver
the 20th Annual Joseph Janse Lecture at the 84th Federation of Chiropractic Licensing
Boards (FCLB) Educational Congress on April 30, 2010.

for the Janse Lecture series are chosen by a committee of the FCLB board based
on their oratory skills, ability to envision future possibilities, and to
encourage the audience of regulators to consider new points of view and new
perspectives in their approaches to public protection.



For his
"once in a lifetime career honour", Dr. Gonthier's titled his
presentation International Development of
Chiropractic: The Importance of Standardization of  Chiropractic Education and Practice.


He began
by speaking of his personal encounter and admiration for Dr. Joseph Janse.   This
was followed by a passionate speech that emphasized the need to harmonize
regulation and outlined the positive impact that our current system of accrediting
chiropractic programs has had on government decision makers. He discussed the
health of our profession, highlighting the challenges placed before regulators,
as well as external forces that have a negative impact on public perception.


For his
conclusion, Dr. Gonthier further stressed the need to work cohesively towards
improving the face of chiropractic. He stated, "A candle loses nothing by
lighting another candle. "

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