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Editor”s Note: February 2008

By Maria DiDanieli   

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On December 21, 2007, chiropractic was recognized by the Italian
parliament as a primary health-care profession. What fantastic news! Italy’s national health-care system has incorporated chiropractic through legislation, declaring it a safe, cost-effective therapy whose practitioners not only offer relief from low back pain but can advise on overall health. As well, this formidable development creates opportunities for chiropractic to expand into this nation of 57,000,000 people, which currently houses only 300 DCs. I would like to take a moment to say “Auguri” to the Italian chiropractors and Dr. John G. Williams, president of the Associazioni Italiana Chiropratici, and to thank Senator Luigi Lusi, without whose hard work this accomplishment would not have been possible.
Our February issue is centred on technological developments in chiropractic. We will present various devices such as laser therapy units, ultrasound therapy and rasterstereography. 

This issue, Brandi MacDonald officially joins us with a new column entitled “CHA Education.” She will appear in alternate issues to address chiropractic staff training, leadership and personal growth. Also joining us, in print from now on, is Dr. Shawn Thistle. Dr. Shawn has been providing us with his online Research Review column – and will still be online, for those of you who prefer to read from the web. Dr. Sony Canteenwala has submitted a very interesting and informative article on the role of chiropractic in addiction medicine. Please welcome our Chiropractic History Assignment back to print – Steve Zoltai provides us with another interesting, and bizarre-looking, piece of equipment for you to identify. Once again, your responses will be printed in our next issue. Finally, Dr. Trevor Mintz educates us all on an exciting sport known as Ultimate Frisbee! 

I must tell you that our cover story, this month, does not feature a chiropractor. Instead, it is meant to honour all of you. We will look at the life and art of Stephen Shortt, a Montreal-based painter – and loyal patient and strong advocate of chiropractic – whose work is bringing the profession to people all over the world. (Stephen Shortt has exhibited his work in Italy, as well, so he joins us in our excitement about the developments for chiropractic in that country.) 


Online, you will, once again, find web-exclusive features and news. This issue, we welcome Dr. Robert Gordon, an orthopedic surgeon who has discovered the merits of ultrasound tissue regeneration, or radial shockwave therapy. Dr. Gordon has written to inform chiropractors of the uses and efficacy of this technology, as well as the evidence that supports it.  Also online, Dr. Jamie Neely talks to us about chiropractic and children but approaches this topic from a very interesting perspective.  Finally, Canadian Chiropractor takes a look at the issue of burnout in the profession, asking, among other things, how prevalent is it in the literature and amongst practising chiropractors? 

Without further ado, I will extend a Canadian Chiropractor “benvenuti” to you, our readers – please enjoy our February issue.

Cordiali saluti, 

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