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Detecting Alzheimer’s disease from blood samples | How to stay youngOctober 17, 2022Alzheimer’s an autoimmune condition? | The heart-brain connectionOctober 3, 2022SOAP notes imperative | High blood pressure accelerates bone aging?September 19, 2022Persistent post-concussion syndrome | Link between colorectal cancer and processed foodsSeptember 6, 2022Post-partum anxiety | Recovery following inflammationAugust 22, 2022Alzheimer’s research fraud | Safe in the sunAugust 8, 2022Low serotonin ≠ depression | Failures in facial painJuly 25, 2022What is the endocannabinoid system’s role in pain?July 11, 2022“Travel therapy”? | Top tips for the doctor-patient interviewJune 27, 2022Functional medicine treatment approaches for chronic painJune 13, 2022SIBO as a cause of chronic pain | 7 habits linked to lower dementiaMay 30, 2022Gene therapy shows promise in treating neuropathy from spinal cord injuriesMay 16, 2022Fitness trackers mean nothing? | Stress, anxiety, depression can affect toddlers’ cognitive developmentMay 9, 2022The role of chiropractic in opioid reduction | How blood vessels communicate with the brainMay 2, 2022How to stop sabotaging your success | Dentures affect nutritionApril 25, 2022How integrated genetics can help your allergy patientsApril 18, 2022Diagnosing concussions harder than previously thought | MentorshipApril 11, 2022Integrative approach to atopic dermatitis | Chronic lower back pain linked to atrophyApril 4, 2022Higher risk of neuropathy with COVID infection | The future patient historyMarch 28, 2022Don’t look for passion when hiring | The importance of re-examsMarch 21, 2022Exercise, ATP and longevity | Ontario reverses move to deregulate TCMMarch 14, 2022Resistance exercise superior? | Opinion: Bastardization of the profession on InstagramMarch 7, 2022Overtraining syndrome diagnosis and treatment | Fall preventionFebruary 28, 2022Dr. Volunteer | Connection between food and painFebruary 22, 2022How stress impacts hair loss | 30-second test for balance after concussionFebruary 14, 2022NFTs in healthcare? | Get motivated! Setting goals and intentions for your practiceFebruary 7, 2022Concussion management is changing as more research suggests exercise is best approachJanuary 31, 2022Junk food and the brain: How modern diets lacking in micronutrients may contribute to angry rhetoricJanuary 24, 2022Cold weather exercise tips | Re-growing knee cartilageJanuary 17, 2022Mutual respect and understanding | Asthma exercise interventionsJanuary 10, 2022Your brain on exercise | New muscle layer discoveredJanuary 3, 2022Interpreting blood biomarkers | Pollution cancels out benefits of exercise on brainDecember 20, 2021The importance of overtraining education | Family dynamics affects talking about healthDecember 13, 2021Implementing the patient success journey to grow your practiceDecember 6, 2021A patient care model for scoliosis | Blended learning may be the future of educationNovember 29, 2021Get ready for the economic boom! | Exercise increases body’s own ‘cannabis-like” substanceNovember 22, 2021Navigating scoliosis | 2 things cause weak quads after ACL surgeryNovember 15, 2021“Personalized healthcare” | Does major surgery amp up Alzheimer’s disease risk?November 8, 2021Are you a purpose-driven business?November 1, 2021Being bigger than institutions: Practicing DCs need to become ambassadors of the professionOctober 25, 2021Mobility and gait for aging well | Pain relief without side effectsOctober 18, 2021Externship experience | The mystery of touchOctober 12, 2021Platelet-rich plasma – how it fits into treatment plans | Nobel prize winnersOctober 4, 2021Neurotrophic factors in dementia | MIND diet linked to cognitivce performanceSeptember 27, 2021How to convert consults to your care | How to reframe stressSeptember 20, 2021What associates need to hear | We need more vitamin CSeptember 13, 2021What does it mean to be an evidence-based practitioner?September 7, 2021Maternal voice reduces pain | Mindfulness in the COVID-19 eraAugust 30, 2021Ozone therapy: Help for acute and chronic pain managementAugust 23, 2021Aging and gait: What to know for your patientsAugust 16, 2021Google dares us to do betterAugust 9, 2021The power of magnesium: Physical, emotional and cognitive healthAugust 3, 2021The importance of accessible business communication systemsJuly 26, 2021Why being “different” helps your practiceJuly 19, 2021The “exercise pill” | Ethical re-bookingsJuly 12, 2021How to ‘pivot’ in healthcare | 5-minute breathing ‘workout’July 5, 2021Evidence-informed, or evidence-based?June 28, 2021Plant-based diet protects from hypertension, preeclampsia | Omega-3s could unlock blood-brain barrierJune 21, 2021Virtual visits cannot replace in-person care | Nerve cells detect what we eatJune 14, 2021Microbiome balance: The importance of gastrointestinal health for thyroid hormone conversionJune 7, 2021Build your own dream team with these key aspectsMay 31, 2021Nature boosts health | Stair-climbing for heart patientsMay 25, 2021More fruits and veggies = less stress | Easy steps for ethical re-bookingsMay 17, 2021Sleep and immunity | Self-reporting concussions rose 20%May 11, 2021Boost business by embracing your differencesMay 3, 2021College to career | Neck pain not all about postureApril 26, 2021Stretching hamstrings a thing of the past? | Fruits + veggies improve sleepApril 19, 2021Regenerative injection therapy | Chiropractic manipulation for recurrent headaches in childrenApril 12, 2021Aging, cognition and exercise: Life and longevityApril 5, 2021Glycotoxicity | Bone erosion in RAMarch 22, 2021Practising in matrimony | Sleep helps heal brain injury?March 15, 2021Racial bias and knee pain | Q+A with Canadian football maven Pat WoodcockMarch 8, 2021Should we stretch? | A weak heart makes a suffering brainMarch 1, 2021Laser therapy for rehab and improvement of muscle functionFebruary 22, 2021What you should know about women and heart diseaseFebruary 16, 2021Fuelling the athlete’s immunity and performance|Nutritional councelling for cancer treatmentFebruary 8, 2021Companionship for pain | Muscle fights inflammationFebruary 1, 2021Fatty foods helping MS? | Dealing with undesired patient outcomesJanuary 25, 2021What does it mean to be an evidence-based practitioner?January 18, 2021Chiropractic’s involvement in pro soccer | Probiotic coffee and tea createdJanuary 11, 2021‘Liquid nose jobs’ outlawed | Talking points for painJanuary 4, 2021Protecting bone health | Fall preventionDecember 21, 20205 ways to grow your practiceDecember 14, 2020Practice Trends: Earnings, losses, biggest challenges…December 7, 2020The role of sleep and stress in immune healthNovember 30, 2020Ethical re-bookings | Sleep and heart failure | Metabolic healthNovember 23, 2020Curb the CERB | Reducing baby’s painNovember 16, 2020Muscle care for the aging person | Strength training gender gapNovember 9, 2020Mental health in today’s teens: Observations in the fieldNovember 2, 2020Elimination of the waiting room is good for businessOctober 26, 2020Glycotoxicity: The diabetes-dementia connectionOctober 20, 2020Virus that causes COVID relieves pain? | Cannabis can’t replace non-medical opioid useOctober 13, 2020The impact of excessive screen timeOctober 5, 2020When bad things happen to good doctorsSeptember 28, 2020Navigating business as women in Chiropractic and NaturopathySeptember 21, 2020Helping patients with the stress of chronic painSeptember 15, 2020Links among poor sleep, high blood pressure, gut microbiome discoveredSeptember 8, 2020The uninvited dinner guest: Interrupting an infectionAugust 31, 2020Evidence-based ergonomics and advice for patientsAugust 24, 2020Long-term risks of joint implants | 3 keys to a successful re-openingAugust 17, 2020A trip to Tanzania: How volunteering changed my outlook on the profession, and on lifeAugust 10, 2020Buy One 32 oz. Biofreeze, Get One Free!August 6, 2020The new normal: How technology affects return to practiceAugust 4, 2020Pro-active vs re-active: Encouraging healthy immune balanceJuly 27, 2020Bias is omnipresent | A journey mindset can help you through stressJuly 20, 2020Life and longevity: Serious health issues, and an opportunity for chiropractors to leadJuly 14, 202064 days: How Covid-19 changed me, and my practiceJuly 6, 2020Being evidence-based, patient-centric and ethical | Podcast live now!June 29, 2020The ultimate “why” – functional neurologyJune 22, 2020Cannabidiol: What is CBD, how does it work and why is it a hot topic?June 15, 2020A true approach to collaboration: A look at interdisciplinary vs. multidisciplinary clinics for patient care and satisfactionJune 8, 2020Taking positive action: How to get reviews for your practiceJune 1, 2020Getting started: working in a corporate settingMay 25, 2020Opportunity for change | The "psychobiome"May 18, 2020Vitamin D and COVID | De-listing of chiropractic?May 11, 2020