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First AI software for better posture, Brightday launches on Kickstarter

Slouching is a drag on our health, economy and well-being -- Brightday aims to correct it with behavioral science and technology

January 29, 2019
By Press Release


Brightday has launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

Starting from $49 for the early bird special, Brightday hopes to reach hundreds of thousands of people suffering from back pain with the first computer software solution that uses AI and augmented reality to bring better posture to computer users everywhere.

Based on the research of Jean Couch, posture advisor to Kaiser Permanente, Stanford University and Google, Brightday is a computer app that uses bite-sized learning and reinforcement to easily and quickly ingrain good posture into your routine. Two years in development, this non-intrusive “posture coach” works on all laptops and desktops sold in 2012 or after, teaching better posture without requiring time or effort, and producing immediate, noticeable benefits. Brightday is available to individuals and also in tailored roll-outs for businesses.


Couch explains: “On average, we spend 38 minutes for every hour working in poor posture*, so it’s no wonder that back pain is our #1 disease burden**. It’s connected to diabetes, cancer and heart disease and costs U.S. businesses over $100-200B per year***, and this isn’t even counting the unmeasurable toll poor posture takes on creativity and problem solving. The countless ergonomic chairs and gadgets developed over the years haven’t fixed much. This massive slouching problem will continue to plague computer users until they break their entrenched habits with behavioral change.”

How Brightday works
Brightday is simple and intuitive. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you choose a convenient time for your daily training session. Each session is focused on a certain aspect of your posture, and provides a quick instructional video to guide you into correct position. Every day at the time you’ve selected, Brightday uses your webcam to assess your posture. When you move into an undesirable position, it guides you back to good posture and at the end of the session, Brightday provides feedback and tips. Every day, you get a little better and it doesn’t require any time away from work.

Richard Gray, Co-founder and CEO at Brightday, says: “Knowledge may be power, but it doesn’t shape behavior. Brightday is built on principles of behavioral science, reshaping deeply rooted habits through repetition, and making small improvements every day that quickly add up to huge wellness benefits.”

A daily 15-minute session with Brightday, during which you can carry on with your regular work routine, is a small investment with huge payoffs. Replace pain, discomfort, fatigue and stress with energy, relaxation and confidence. Brightday brings self-awareness and body mindfulness for not only a better, healthier workday, but a better, healthier life. You can back Brightday on their Kickstarter page now; starting at $49 for an annual subscription for the first 1000 backers, (MSRP $99 /year) with lifetime discounts.