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First Annual Summit to Chiropractic Success Tele-Event

Maria DiDanieli   


25, North Bay,
Ont. – Dr. Tom Preston Is Coming To your office/house for the first annual
‘Summit to Chiropractic Success’ tele-class event series. DCs are invited to join the
12-week free training event in 2012.

Every attendee gets at
least one new patient a day – guaranteed!


Here’s how it works…
each week starting Tuesday July 24, 2012 DCs will have instant and direct
access to the event call-in hotline where chiropractic experts (a different
expert announced for each call) will share the most critical practice tools,
secrets and changes to get out of the ‘struggle mode’ so many chiropractors are
stuck in.

Some of the
chiropractic experts who will be presenting are:

Dr. Mike Marasco
reveals the only referral strategy that is actually working in 2012 and it’s
not what you think. If you’re “asking” for referrals face to face but not doing
what Mike does you’re making a huge mistake… and if you aren’t asking for
referrals face to face, you’ll be shocked and delighted at what Mike has to
share on this controversial topic.

Graig Presti uncovers
the urgent steps every chiropractor must take to maximize their new patient
attraction from the internet and ensure they receive what Graig calls the
“virtual endorsement” from Google. Graig reveals and proves that the
chiropractors who get this “virtual endorsement” are set for life.

27 year practice
veteran Dr. Alan Weinstein will
answer what could be the most important question ever posed in chiropractic:
What one common mistake are you making that literally is ruining your community
image and patients ability to refer to you?” 
Alan will show you how the problem is not your fault and what to do to
remove this enormous roadblock and contradiction.

Legendary chiropractic
patient behavior expert Bill Esteb
uncovers the truth about “rules of the tribe” and “patient magnetism” and how
new patient attraction is wholly derived from these new rules of the new

Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock
shares her step-by-step formula for marketing your practice in a way that won’t
drive you crazy, won’t embarrass you or your patients and, most importantly,
will bring you more new patients in the next 60 days than you’ve had in the
last six months.

business acumen and philosophy expert Rick
reveals the business fundamentals nearly every chiropractor fails to
master that lie at the roots of nearly every worry, fear, anxiety and
frustration you face in practice.

World leader in the
personal and business development area, Dr.
John DeMartini
shares “How to Market and Still Be True to Your Values.”

Dr. Miles Bodzin
uncovers the truth about “cash practice” in 2012 and why Obamacare just might
be a tremendous opportunity instead of the major hindrance many fear.

For more information,
and to register, free, please visit



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