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Free Teleclass for New DCs

Maria DiDanieli   


June 17,
Simcoe, ON – Join Dr. Barbara Sturm for a free teleclass where you can submit
your practice growth and management questions, as well as discuss personal and
career directions , life balance and more, with Sturm and other chiropractors
like you.

Dr. Sturm
is a DC, seasoned coach and renowned speaker whose passion it is to guide
chiropractors to success through bringing them back to the basics of the
profession’s raison d’etre – patient centered chiropractic care – while never
letting them forget the importance of fostering their growth as professionals
and individuals.



versed in chiropractic practice requirements, as well as regulatory and
legislative elements of practice in the US and Canada,  Dr. Sturm, who holds a series of free
teleconference classes for DCs (see
for more details) is now reaching out to new DCs who are wondering where to
begin to make their practice dreams a reality. 


The free
teleclass is scheduled for June 22, at 1:00 p.m. EST.  While the class is targeted to giving new DCs
an affordable and convenient opportunity to ask questions, Dr. Sturm also hopes
to incorporate seasoned professionals who still feel they need answers that are
custom-tailored to their own practice situations.  


Dr. Sturm
says, “It would be awesome  for our profession to have a resource for new
docs to tap into to learn the essentials for chiropractic practice, such as effective
and non-salesy, non-fear based communication; a usable chiropractic exam that
demonstrates the brain-body connection in real terms;  the necessity to keep one's overhead underfoot;
the critical nature of support and direction;  the basic how-tos for a strong first visit
carrying all the way through to dependable retention;  and so much more!”

“DCs don’t want to learn 500 ways to attract a new patient,” continues Dr.
Sturm. “Being everywhere and nowhere at the same time is not the path of the successful.  Beginning one's career all
over the map and hoping to correct that pattern later is chaotic at best.”

To request a bridge number and passcode to join in to the June 22nd free
teleclass, email Dr. Barbara Sturm at
 Also, if you have a question you would
like Dr. Sturm to address during the call, please forward it to her, at this
email address. 


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