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Editorial: Strength in diversity

By Ian Horseman   

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Strength in diversity

Editor’s note: Founding editor Dr. Ian Horseman has written this guest editorial in honour of the magazine’s 20th anniversary. Regular column by the editor resumes in the next issue.

We started this magazine 20 years ago with the goal of spearheading and providing our profession with an independent voice for the practicing chiropractor in Canada. I am very proud of what the magazine has become since, and credit Annex Publishing, the several editors and the many contributors, whose similar vision and passion allowed it to mature and grow into what it is today.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing doctors today is the economic reality of running a small business. These increased costs combined with minimal growth in the total number of patients accessing chiropractic care in Canada can create a significant burden on our doctors. More competition outside our profession also adds to this financial strain and as a result, we are seeing a major diversification of services offered by many clinics and more niche practice styles.


I believe these challenges are actually a healthy thing overall. Diversification makes us stronger and allows us to offer more complete and varied options to the general public – especially the baby boomer generation, who hold the majority of wealth and political power, but are generally more disillusioned with their health care options, especially as they face more age-related issues.

Chiropractic is situated in an excellent position as we add advancements in neurology, posture correction, imaging and many new and improved brilliant techniques to the amazing base of spinal correction, and the principles on which our profession was founded.

It is difficult not to look back with great nostalgia and remember the excitement and pride of starting the magazine, and learning from the many talented and gifted doctors that grace our profession.

I acknowledge a few of these mentors: Dr. Brett Moore, who was my inspiration to become a DC; Dr. Burl Pettibon, who showed me how postural correction and spinal biomechanics are pillars of health, and challenged me to become a better doctor with technical certainty; Dr. Gary Lawrence, whose groundbreaking work in scoliosis correction illuminates the possibilities of chiropractic; Dr. Peter Jaillet, who opened my eyes to the possibilities of functional neurology and the wonders of human potential; Dr. F. Carrick who, with awe-inspiring clinical diagnostic abilities and thousands of life-altering patient outcomes, consistently teaches his students to stay humble and serve mankind.

I am truly blessed and inspired by many in our great profession and look forward to sharing many more years through this very important magazine.

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