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Mari-Len De   

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Last year we launched the first ever Canadian Chiropractor Inspire Awards, a program that recognizes exceptional chiropractors from across Canada who are making a big difference in their communities.  

The rationale behind this recognition program? We want to shine the spotlight on those doctors who are serving as inspiration to others, not only for their exemplary work as a chiropractor but for the selfless things they do beyond the walls of their clinics to serve their community. Last year’s winners – Dr. Dale Macdonald from Calgary, Alta., Dr. Gavin Morphet of Ancaster, Ont., and Dr. Dario Laurenti of Espanola, Ont. – are all worthy of that recognition.

This year, we are again searching for deserving individuals so we can highlight the work they do in the pages of this publication. There are more than 6,000 chiropractors across Canada, yet we typically only hear from, or about, a small fraction of the profession – mostly, those who are in national or provincial leadership roles, as we should.


But now we would like to highlight those individuals who are not often, or have never been, in the spotlight, and hear about their stories, their message.

The Inspire Awards program gives us the platform to do this, and highlight individuals who may not have the prestigious title or important role attached to their names, but are nevertheless significantly dedicating their time, talent and resources to make a positive impact on their communities.

The nomination form allows us to get a snapshot of the chiropractor’s inspiring works, from the perspective of someone who was directly touched by this DC. The nominees will be evaluated by an external judging panel who are also members of the chiropractic community. Visit our website,, for details about the nomination process.

If you know a chiropractor who has truly touched and inspired you in more ways than one, we would like to hear from you.

It’s time we recognize the unsung heroes of our professional community.

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