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Graston Technique acquired by new entity

Maria DiDanieli   


May 8, Indianapolis, Ind. – Graston Technique (GT), a
company recognized in instrument-assisted soft tissue dysfunction treatment and
rehabilitation, has been acquired by a newly formed Indianapolis-based entity,
according to a joint announcement by the principals today.

Michael I. Arnolt, president and co-founder of TherapyCare Resources Inc
(TCR), the owner of GT, and Todd R. Lugar, president and CEO of the acquirer, Graston Technique, LLC (GTLLC), said
the company will continue to operate in Indianapolis. GT employs approximately
30 people.

Graston Technique is
an innovative form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables
clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The
technique utilizes specially-designed stainless steel instruments to
specifically detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis
or chronic inflammation.


Originally developed
by athletes, Graston Technique is now used by more than 16,000 clinicians in
the U.S. and 22 countries worldwide—including physical and occupational
therapists, chiropractors, hand therapists and athletic trainers. The treatment
is utilized at approximately 1,650 outpatient facilities and 55 industrial
sites, by more than 250 professional and amateur sports organizations, and is
part of the curriculum at 57 respected colleges and universities.


Lugar, of GTLLC, said
he and his partners are excited to continue the company’s amplified efforts to
increase the presence of GT in education and treatment facilities throughout
the world. “Michael has done a tremendous job in laying a solid foundation here
in the U.S,” Lugar said. “We hope to continue strengthening that foundation
while also looking for strategic opportunities abroad.”


Arnolt, who will
continue working with the company as a consultant, discovered the embryonic
treatment protocol 20 years ago after sustaining a racquetball injury. “The
torch, baton, and sword have been passed. I am very proud of what we have
accomplished in 19 years—having gone from an unknown, to a little-known secret,
to the recognized leader in the industry. It’s only fitting that we are the
leader, since we were the first to create the instrument-assist system, the one
against which all others have modeled themselves,” he said.


“I have every reason
to believe that Todd and his team will continue to expand the GT footprint of
training and treatment excellence among the most recognized entities in the
world. GT truly has made a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives, giving
everyone from the ordinary citizen to elite athletes the opportunity to
function at a higher than expected level,” Arnolt added.


Founded in 1994, GT is
acknowledged as a leader in providing manual therapists the ability to treat
chronic and acute injuries more effectively, while also reducing/eliminating
the clinician’s physical stress and repetitive stress injuries frequently
sustained during typical patient treatment.


The company maintains
training relationships with such notable organizations as Select Medical
Corporation, Disney Entertainment, Veterans Administration Hospitals, U.S Naval
Warfare, U.S. Olympic Training Centers, Indiana University, Baylor University
and Duke University.


“Without the
independent research of well-known universities, such as Indiana University and
University of Kansas, our level of achievement would be much slower,” Arnolt
said. The initial research on GT was conducted at Ball State University and
Ball Memorial Hospital.


Periculum Capital
Corporation, LLC assisted with the sale of the company. Founded in 1998,
Periculum is a leading Midwestern investment and merchant banking firm, serving
the corporate finance needs of growth and other middle market companies.


TherapyCare Resources
did not disclose its annual sales or the transaction price.

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