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H1N1 Pandemic over, says WHO

August 10, 2010
By Maria DiDanieli


Aug. 10, Geneva, Switzerland
 – On Tuesday, August 9, the World Health
Organization (WHO)  declared the H1N1
pandemic over.

of the WHO emergency committee convened on Tuesday to discuss the pandemic and
determined that it no longer presented the risk it did late last year and
earlier this year.



Margaret Chan noted that the virus has largely run its course and can now be
considered in the post-pandemic phase.   


In a
statement on Tuesday, Dr. Chan noted, “As we enter the post-pandemic period
this does not mean the H1N1 virus has gone away.” She said, further, “…based on
experiences with past pandemics, the H1N1 virus is likely to take on the
behaviour of seasonal influenza virus and circulate for some years to come.”

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