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mr4laserMulti Radiance Medical has launched the new MR4 Laser DLS Hands Free Therapy System. The product is featured at the 2013 Florida Chiropractic Association’s National Convention in Orlando from August 23 to 25, 2013.

The new MR4 DLS Package combines Multi Radiance Medical’s flagship
product, the MR4 console, with two 50-Watt Laser Shower Emitters and a
Magna Deluxe Cart, which includes two flexible armatures with emitter
holders, the company said. The new system allows for unattended,
hands-free treatments that save practitioners time and money. The MR4
Laser Shower emitter is equipped with 4-6 905nm super pulsed laser
diodes and provides treatment area coverage of 20 cm2, which is ideal
for treating the spine and large muscle groups, the company said. The
Magna Cart’s flexible armatures allow emitters to be secured in any
position on a patient’s body so that the two emitters can be used to
safely and effectively treat multiple points simultaneously. The MR4 DLS
Package is the latest addition to Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 Super
Pulsed Laser product line, already being used by industry leaders,
chiropractic colleges worldwide and over 50 professional and elite
amateur sports organizations, the company said.


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