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Healthcare Stories Wanted

Maria DiDanieli   


April 20, Penticton,
BC – Author Susan McIver is
requesting stories for her current project, a book on patient initiatives to reduce
medical and other healthcare errors.

Susan McIver was a professor
at the University of Toronto with appointments to the Faculty of Medicine,
and subsequently, a community coroner in British
Columbia.  In 2001 she wrote the best selling
book, Medical Nightmares: The Human Face of Errors, a collection of 33
true life stories, from across Canada,
that profile the
experiences of many patients and their families who have been the victims of
various preventable errors committed by health care personnel. This first book
by this author was meant to raise awareness of various areas where increased
vigilance, on the part of health care workers, is called for.  McIver is now compiling stories for her
second book which has, as its goal, a discussion of less visible, but equally
important activities, such as insisting on an investigation into a questionable
occurrence.  She will be speaking to
patients and groups of healthcare professionals that also play an important
role in the health care system.

Patients and families affected by medical and
other healthcare errors may derive some comfort from helping to prevent others
from enduring similar experiences. Their endeavours have included writing
books, establishing educational organizations and changing policies of
regulatory bodies.  The proposed book will also tell the stories of these
dedicated individuals. Their stories will provide examples of what can be done
to reduce the incidence of medical errors. 


Instances of unsuccessful attempts at change
are also wanted. Stories from all regions of Canada are welcome. 

If you have or know
someone who has such a story, and you would like to contribute it to this book,
 please contact: Susan McIver, at or phone/fax (250) 494-9081

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