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Industry News – ImaSight Co-Marketing with Atlas

Maria DiDanieli   

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May 10, Gatineau, QC
– ImaSight Inc. and Atlas announce today that they will begin co-marketing the
ImaSight Vision Software and the Atlas Chiropractic System to all Atlas and
ImaSight Customers.

The co-marketing agreement will make
available the software tools that both companies developed to all present and
future customers.


An embedded version of the ImaSight
Vision software will be integrated into the Atlas Chiropractic System software.
End-users will be able to automatically view and annotate patient x-rays during
their diagnosis. Owners of the ImaSight 4600 sensors will have access to the
patient data and all ImaSight Chiro Power Tools via the Atlas Chiropractic
System. To promote the joint program and demonstrate the benefits of their
integrated software solution, both companies agreed to create a training centre
at Atlas premises. The showroom will be used to demonstrate the software
solution, increase product visibility and train personnel and end-users.

“The combination of both tools will
procure significant benefits to both the Atlas and ImaSight client base,” said
Dr. Stéphane Laverdière, president of Atlas Chiropractic system. “We are
dedicated to offering more functionality to our products and ImaSight has the
right set of tools needed by our chiropractic client base. We intend to
demonstrate that this software integration is a natural evolution for clients
who are asking for user-friendly tools and efficient workflow.”

“Integration with a Practice
Management Software is the next step for ImaSight and Atlas is an excellent
opportunity for us,” said Steve Johnston, V-P of Marketing at ImaSight Inc.
“Atlas is well adopted and popular and provides excellent connectivity to our
product. The ImaSight Vision Chiro Power Tools associated with the Atlas
extensive practice management application is definitely a winning combination.”

For more information on ImaSight
Inc. visit
and or more information on Atlas Chiropractic Systems, visit

To speak to personnel at these companies:

Atlas Chiropractic Systems, contact Tony Slattery at 1-877-602-8527 or

For ImaSight.
Inc, contact  Steve Johnston, VP
Marketing at  (819) 777-7979 ext 224

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