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Industry News – SpineSmith Secures Exclusive Distribution Rights to WAVE® Technology

Maria DiDanieli   


AUSTIN, TX and TORONTO, ON, October 6, 2008–
SpineSmith Partners LP, an orthopaedic biotech company based in Austin, Texas,
has signed an exclusive national and global distribution agreement with WAVE®
Manufacturing Inc., of Toronto,
Ontario. The partnership between
the two companies grants SpineSmith the exclusive rights to sell WAVE’s
pre-surgical vibration conditioning technology – effectively introducing the
approach to the orthopaedic and neurological marketplace.

system, which stands for Whole-body Advanced Vibration Exercise, allows
patients with medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and arthritis to
improve their fitness at a cellular level before spinal surgery.

scientific research indicates the type of vibration process WAVE technology
produces, which is similar to vigorous exercise, can improve circulation,
reduce pain, and increase flexibility, with minimal stress to joints – and in a
fraction of the time of conventional therapies. Increasing circulation helps
prepare the surgical site by stimulating the body’s natural healing response
and also promotes revascularization and recovery after surgery. WAVE technology
can also stimulate and produce growth factors to recruit regenerative cells
that play an important role in healing and recovery. 


are coming to realize that a good strengthening program prior to surgery leads to better outcomes,” says Dr. Jasper Sidhu,
chiropractor and vice-president of clinical services at WAVE Manufacturing, Inc
in Toronto.
“For this reason, the WAVE has been chosen as the exercise of choice since it
puts less stress on the joints and is easier to use for people that have health-related

Sidhu goes
on to note, “Prehabilitation and post-surgical
rehabilitation are two functions that can be realized with the WAVE, by
chiropractors, for their patients. We are definitely excited about being able
to expand practice opportunities for chiropractors, in addition to providing
tools that allow DCs to provide the entire continuum of care.”

to Dr. Larry Leigh, Director of Research and Training for WAVE, the company’s
vibration therapy helps speed up a patient’s recovery time by recruiting more
muscle fibres – thus increasing strength and circulation prior to surgery.
Additionally, he says: “Vibration exercise pre-op may help elevate the quality
of cells that are harvested, thus further aiding the body’s healing process.”

“This is
all about creating the best healing environment for the patient, and WAVE
technology makes that possible,” said Kevin Dunworth, SpineSmith founder. 
“The most recent scientific literature indicates an up-regulation of stem
cells, hormones, and growth factors when a patient undergoes vigorous exercise.
We believe the up regulation of stem cells will stimulate better surgical

system uses vibration plates to simulate the body’s natural stretch reflex,
recruiting more than 90 per cent of muscle fibres to push the body upwards
against gravity.  WAVE advancements include bringing revolutionary
vertical controlled vibration (VCV) technology to the market. Physiological
effects on the body include an increase in muscle activity, bone density, and
circulation. WAVE whole-body advanced vibration therapy allows patients to
achieve the therapeutic benefits of vibration-assisted exercise – but with less
stress and friction on joints, ligaments, and tendons than with existing
vibration devices.

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