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Industry News: Theralase and equine laser therapy

Maria DiDanieli   


Nov. 17, Toronto,
ON – Theralase Technologies Inc. has launched a laser sales team
dedicated to the sales of the company's products to the horse industry.

The Theralase sales team will supply therapeutic medical laser
technology to veterinarians, horse owners and trainers that is able to reduce
pain and inflammation, while stimulating the growth of new tissue,
substantially speeding the return of their equine athletes to top performance.


To accomplish this, Theralase has added an experienced sales team
to service the horse industry, including Doug Nash and David Groves. Mr. Nash
has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the standard bred industry and is
an instructor teaching courses through Equine Guelph and the REACH campus at
the University of
Guelph. Mr. Groves,
president of the equine world sales division has been with Theralase for five
years and has over 20 years experience in the North American healthcare market,
successfully launching healthcare products.  

Doug Nash stated, "My involvement with Theralase stems from
the positive results I have witnessed firsthand with the technology in the
alleviation of pain and inflammation and the promotion of healing. I am
delighted that Theralase technology, used with predetermined protocols and in
conjunction with other treatments in horses, including acupuncture, has proven
to be both safe and highly effective for a wide range of equine
neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

David Groves stated, "We have consistently demonstrated
superior patient outcomes, by accelerating the healing process, in the human
market – therefore, it was a natural extension to apply proven clinical
outcomes to the equine athlete. Based on the equine results to date, we can
confidently offer a pain-free and non-invasive modality to treat common pain
and inflammatory conditions in the thoroughbred, standardbred and championship
equine markets."

Dr. Terry Ruch a member of the Theralase Medical and Scientific
Advisory Board stated, "I am glad to see Theralase expand their presence
in the equine market. The Theralase is able to increase efficacy, provide
superior clinical outcomes and allow for faster return to competition for many
equine athletes. The Theralase works extremely well at reducing pain and
inflammation, working on numerous soft tissue injuries, such as: muscles,
tendons and ligaments."

Roger Dumoulin-White, President and CEO of Theralase Inc. stated,
"The Company is delighted to have two seasoned professionals, Doug and
David, to head up our equine sales team, utilizing the vast knowledge of equine
soft tissue injuries that Dr. Ruch possesses. All members bring decades of
hands-on experience to the table, which will ultimately benefit the company by
both expanding knowledge of the horse industry, and increasing revenue."

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