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Inner City Outreach Clinic Needs DCs

Maria DiDanieli   


August 13, Hamilton, Ont. – In September 2012, Drs.
Andrew Moore and Callum Peever will be opening up a volunteer chiropractic
clinic in the Hamilton Urban Core Community Health Centre. They are inviting
DCs to participate in this initiative aimed at improving the quality of life
for the inner-city community through vitalistic, neurologically-centered
chiropractic care. 

September 7/12, there will be two or three chiropractors at the clinic every
Friday from 12-2pm. Ideally, each chiropractor will adjust once every month or
so. In doing this, Drs. Moore and Peever not only want to help those in need,
but hope to strengthen the local community of chiropractors.  Drs. Moore and Peever would like to
extend an invitation to their colleagues to join in touching the lives of
hundreds who would otherwise not be able to afford chiropractic care.


project joins a growing list of outreach clinics in Ontario that serve the
greater good of the underprivileged in our society.


How you can help

clinic is in need of portable tables that can ideally remain at the
location.  As well, the initiative
requires a DC in downtown Hamilton who has an on-site X-ray unit and would be
willing to take periodic X-rays for the clinic (ie, some members of the health
center are refugees, and as such are not covered under the center's OHIP).

you can donate your time to see patients, on a volunteer basis, at the clinic.

those who would like to join our team, or have questions on this program,
please contact





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