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Innovations in Laser Therapy Symposium

Maria DiDanieli   


Apr. 3,
Toronto, Ont. – Chiropractors are invited to the Innovations in Laser
Therapy Symposium
hosted by Bioflex Laser Therapy, to be held at the Waterside Inn in
Mississauga, Ontario, on June 8-9.

event will bring together experts in the field of laser therapy for an
interactive conference to discuss specific applications of this emerging
technology.  The panel of speakers
consists of both distinguished researchers and clinicians from a variety of
healthcare fields, including chiropractors and physicians.


Benefits of Attendance

   Understand the mechanisms of laser
therapy and how they translate into improved clinical results.

   Learn how laser therapy can
benefit patients who are unresponsive to traditional therapy.

   Collaborate directly with
chiropractors and MDs who are using laser therapy.

Keynote speakers for this event will include Nick
Bair-Patel, DC, and Benjamin Yuen, DC.

f481ca1f-26b3-4ccd-9f48-c378d61580fd Dr. Bair-Patel’s presentation will be titled An
Integrative Approach to Patient Care: Is Laser Therapy the Keystone to Success?
will be speaking about his experience in introducing laser therapy to his
clinical practice.   His initial impetus was the increasing burden of
patients with advanced degenerative changes that were unresponsive to
traditional manipulative therapy.  With the aging population, he realized
the need to integrate a more effective therapy into his practice and thereby
offer more treatment options.  


d342330d-6544-464d-b866-c0cb92ad5760 Dr.
Benjamin Yuen’s presentation
will be titled How to Deal with Patients: Compliance
Issues, Expectations & Clinical Outcomes. 
these tough economic times, patient compliance is what makes or breaks a
practice.  Are you doing the right
thing?  This informative session
will outline how to speak with patients, answer any questions they may have,
lay out a treatment plan and improve patient compliance in order to achieve the
best clinical results with laser therapy. 
This topic will include re-assessing the diagnosis, discussing
socio-economic issues with the patient and establishing realistic clinical
expectations.  Dr. Yuen’s article
entitled Laser Therapy for Concussion: Shining Light on Brain Injury
is currently featured in the April
of Canadian

view the symposium schedule, CE information, or to register, please call
1-888-557-4004, E-mail  or visit When
registering, please use the code CP07 to receive $50 OFF the registration



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