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Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy course

Maria DiDanieli   


May 16,
Toronto, Ont. – Dr. Mohzen Kazemi will be presenting a course titled Instrument
Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy:Intro to the Kazemizer Shark
at the CMCC campus in Toronto on
Sunday, May 26.

About the instrument

Kazemizer Shark is an instrument used for soft tissue therapy. It is made of
surgical stainless steel to provide feedback from the tissue
for detection of the adhesion and scar tissue site due to its stiffness and
ability to conduct vibration caused by adhesions, fibrosis and scared tissue.
As such it can be used as a diagnostic tool and locator for the site of
adhesions and scar tissues as well as therapy.


Kazemizer Shark is light and slightly longer than a regular pen; therefore, it
is easy to handle without fatiguing the practitioner. It is easy to clean,
store and even carry in your side pocket. The instrument can be used for all
body parts, with edges that are all bi-beveled so that it could be used in any
directions and sides. The Kazemizer Shark is used to break down scar tissues,
adhesions, to treat trigger points and to enhance blood flow and lymphatic
drainage of the injured areas.

About the seminar

this hands-on seminar, participants will learn about instrument-assisted soft
tissue therapy using the Kazemizer Shark. Dr. Mohsen Kazemi will introduce the
principles of Kazemizer Shark soft tissue therapy and the various uses of the
versatile tool. Anatomical relevance, palpation and treatment of common
injuries will be also discussed and practiced. Practitioners will be able to
apply and use the technique immediately after the completing the course at
their practice.

The body
regions covered will be the cervical spine, the upper extremity and thoracic
spine, the lower extremity and the lumbar spine. 

Registration fees include the Kazemizer Shark manual,
lunch and refreshments. The Kazemizer Shark instrument will be available for
use in-class but may be purchased from the CMCC Bookstore and Supply Centre.

the instructor and inventor of Kazemizer Shark

Dr. Kazemi graduated from CMCC in 1996, is an associate professor
of clinical education,  there, and
acts as interim coordinator for the Sports Sciences residency program. He has
published in
peer-reviewed journals and presented
research in Taekwondo and chiropractic
world-wide. He has authored the first
complete book on vibration plate exercise
programs, titled Vibration Plate Exercise

He is the inventor of the VMTX Vibromax Therapeutics soft
tissue technique, the Kazemizer, a portable exercise device that assists in the
prevention of lactic acid build-up, and the Kazemizer Shark, an instrument used
for soft tissue therapy.

Dr. Kazemi was appointed alternate chiropractor for the Core Canadian Health Care
Team for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics,
Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, Rio 2007
Pan American Games and
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and also served as the Core Canadian
Medical Team
chiropractor at Santa Domingo 2003 Pan American Games and Canadian Taekwondo team
Chiropractor at Beijing 2008 Olympics. He was appointed
chiropractor to Mount
Cypress at 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the only
Canadian chiropractor at the first Youth
Olympic Games, Singapore, 2010, and Chiropractor at 2011 Pan am Games, Mexico.


register for the course, please visit  For more information regarding the
Kazemizer tool, please visit

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