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Introducing “Vibration Plate Exercises” book

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May 25, Toronto, Ont. – 10 minutes of exercises on a whole body vibration (WBV) trainer is equal to 30-40 minutes of weight training. Vibration Plate Exercises is the first book written on WBV exercise protocols based on scientific evidence and without bias towards specific brands of plates.

The book is written by Dr. Mohsen Kazemi and describes WBV exercise programs ideal for busy people who desire to keep active but do not have enough time. Competitive athletes will gain the edge that they need to win in strength, power, endurance and overall performance participating in the WBV programs demonstrated in this book. The book also describes WBV for those who require softer, more natural exercise, that enhances balance, hormones and bone density – this is the perfect exercise for elderly people who desire to increase their strength, balance and overall wellness. Specific WBV programs in this book are designed to help you achieve your goals, from increasing your bone density, losing weight, strengthening your core to specifically focusing and strengthening your upper or lower limbs.

The book consists of ten chapters, a section of frequently asked questions and references. Each chapter gives step-by-step written and pictorial instructions to work out specific parts of the body, from beginner to advanced programs.


The chapters are as follows: 

Chapter 1: What is Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

Chapter 2: Lower Body Exercises

Chapter 3: Core ExercisesChapter

4: Upper Body ExercisesChapter

5: Beginners ProgramsChapter

6: Bone Density Enhancement ProgramsChapter

7: Full Body ProgramsChapter 8: Sports Specific Programs (including programs for over 20 sportsChapter

9: High Intensity BootCamp ProgramsChapter

10: Program Summary Tables

This book can be used by all who are interested in using WBV as means of exercise, rehabilitation and training others.

ABOUT THE AUTHORDr. Kazemi graduated from CMCC in 1996, is an associate professor of clinical education,  there, and acts as interim coordinator for the Sports Sciences residency program. He has published in peer-reviewed journals and presented research in Taekwondo and chiropractic world-wide. Dr. Kazemi was appointed alternate chiropractor for the Core Canadian Health Care Team for the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics, Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games, Rio 2007 Pan American Games and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and also served as the Core Canadian Medical Team chiropractor at Santa Domingo 2003 Pan American Games and Canadian Taekwondo team Chiropractor at Beijing 2008 Olympics. He was appointed chiropractor to Mount Cypress at 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the only Canadian chiropractor at the first Youth Olympic Games, Singapore, 2010, and Chiropractor at 2011 Pan am Games, Mexico.

Vibration Plate Exercises can be purchased through Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College bookstore (   or at  


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