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DCs can sign off on ‘return to play’

Maria DiDanieli   

Features Clinical Patient Care

Jan. 11,
Toronto, Ont. – Hockey Canada, in consultation with the Hockey Canada Chief
Medical Officer, and the HDCO Hockey Trainers Certification Program committee,
has approved amendments adding chiropractors to the list of practitioners who
can sign off on return to play for muscular and skeletal injuries.

The ruling states, “With
respect to players returning to play, muscular and skeletal injuries (excluding
fractures) can be signed off by physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, or
nurse practitioners.” 


information, disseminated at the end of December 2012 in a memorandum to HDCO member associations,
was declared effective immediately and has already been incorporated
into the Hockey Trainers Certification Program e-Learning course module.

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information, please visit

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