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Journal of Chiropractic Medicine indexed by PubMed

Maria DiDanieli   


March 4, Lombard, IL – The National University of Health Sciences has announced that PubMed, the prestigious search enegine of the National Library of Medicine, has now included the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (JCM). The JCM,
first published in 2002, is a peer-reviewed journal devoted to
providing practical and applicable information for the practicing
doctor of chiropractic.

The JCM offers a wide range of topics including: sports
chiropractic, care of children, chiropractic technique, nutrition,
rehabilitation, care of aged patients, public health issues, diagnostic
imaging, somatovisceral effects, and many other topics that may be
included within the scope of chiropractic care.

"We are thrilled that the JCM is now indexed in PubMed," says Dr.
Winterstein, President of National University of Health Sciences, which
publishes the journal. "Indexing in PubMed will allow greater access to
this important research so that doctors of chiropractic and other
health care providers may use this knowledge to provide best possible
care for their patients. My personal thanks and appreciation goes to
editor-in-chief of the journal, Dr. Claire Johnson, for her dedication
and commitment to the quality and content of the journal which has made
indexing possible."


The journal can be accessed through the journal website or .

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