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Judge says, “Chiropractic a profession, not a technique”

Maria DiDanieli   


March 19, Sao Paolo, Brazil – In the latest step by the Brazilian Chiropractors' Association, (ABQ), to defend the chiropractic profession against efforts by the physiotherapy profession to have chiropractic declared a specialty of physiotherapy (PT), Federal Judge Diana Brunstein has ruled strongly in favour of the ABQ.

"Chiropractic is a
profession, not a technique," says Judge Brunstein, "and PT authorities should not seek to
declare it a specialty of physiotherapy."


An appeal by CREFITO, the regulatory body for PT
in the State of Sao Paulo,
asking to remove an earlier court
injunction against CREFITO, was denied.

The background to this
dispute is that the ABQ, representing under 400 chiropractors in Brazil
, is promoting legislation to regulate the practice
of chiropractic. The response of the national regulatory
body CREFITO, representing over 90,000 PTs, has been to claim
chiropractic is a specialty of PT.

In August 2008, PT
agents in Sao Paulo
began harassing chiropractors, most of whom are new graduates of Brazil’s two
university-based chiropractic programs. Holding violation orders from
their own CREFITO, and often accompanied the federal police,they tried to pressure
DCs to sign declarations acknowledging the illegal practice of chiropractic and to cease practise.

The ABQ and its lawyers
were successful in getting an interim injunction to stop such harassment. CREFITO has
sought to have the interim injunction removed but, after hearing argument and
evidence from the ABQ, Judge Brunstein confirmed the
injunction on March 3.

“We still have a long
fight ahead”, says ABQ President Dr. Juliana Piva, “but this judgement gives us
powerful new momentum as we work with legislators in Brasilia for
chiropractic legislation.”

“We could not have
achieved this success without vital financial and other support from the World Federation of
Chiropractic and its member associations”, says Dr. Sira Borges, ABQ
Past-President and leader of the legislative campaign. “There have been such generous donations
from many associations and individuals – but particularly the American, Australian,
British, Canadian, Danish and Norwegian associations.”

“It has been a
privilege for the WFC to assist the ABQ in the outstanding work it is doing to protect the
independence of the chiropractic profession in Brazil”, notes WFC President Dr. Stathis
Papadopoulos of Cyprus.
“This battle has obvious impact for the profession everywhere –
I strongly encourage all associations and individual chiropractors to
continue their financial support for the ABQ.”

For Judge Brunstein’s
decision in Portuguese and English, much more information, a list of donors, and a
donation form should you be willing to assist with the ABQ’songoing legal and
legislative costs, visit  


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