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LIFE Vision Canada is back in 2019

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Mark your calendars, Chiropractors!

LIFE Vision Canada is back in Montreal, Quebec March 29+30, 2019. 

We recently spoke with Gilles LaMarche, Vice President of Professional Relations at Life University, and asked what delegates can expect from the 2019 event:


Dr. LaMarche: “I think chiropractors should know that we bring a different energy to this event – it’s not all academic. We’re a health-focused event that generally covers five “buckets” of thought. One of them is the fact that chiropractic is founded on neovitalism. In the second “bucket,” we always have speakers that speak on the traditional principles of chiropractic, talking about the neurologically centered definition of subluxation: how you apply it in your practice and your communication, and providing evidence rooted in research.

We have some speakers that are lifestyle oriented, in the way that they discuss how you will apply chiropractic to your daily life, and will also involve how to teach your patients and your community about the chiropractic lifestyle. The 5thbucket involves a chiropractor or someone involved in the chiropractic profession, giving way to the calling of being a servant – how you learn to serve: Our speakers will share how to serve from your heart, with kindness, passion and knowledge, and lead the healthcare revolution that is desperately needed.

We will kick off the event talking about Life Vision principles and the philosophy of neovitalism. Two international speakers will speak about the traditional principles of chiropractic. A cardiologist by the name of Dr. Jack Wolfson will talk about natural cardiac health, how to apply it within the chiropractic practice, how to teach it to your patients, then we’ll sharevideo and writtentestimonials, video, written, ending Friday with Brandi MacDonald, a CA and practice owner with her husband Dr. Don MacDonald from Edmonton, Alberta. She’s one of the best advocates of the neo-vitalistic lifestyle I have ever heard speak anywhere in the world.

Speakers on neurology and research will include Drs. Dan Sullivan, Ryan Cedermark, and David Fletcher;Dr. Melissa Briscoe Lamarche will present on posture; Dr.Liz Anderson Peacock on pediatrics; Dr.Cathy Wendland Colby will discuss pregnancy, and Dr. Eric Plasker will share “The 100 Year Lifestyle.” Dr. Guy Riekeman and Del Bigtree, will also be there.”

LIFE Vision Canada sold out in 2017, and is expected to sell out once again. 

Click here for more information and to register before it’s too late!

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