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Lower back pain doubles risk for recurrent falls in knee osteoarthritis



Patients with knee osteoarthritis who experience any lower back pain have a 2.7-times greater risk for recurrent falls, according to data published in Arthritis Care & Research.

“Clear identification of the risk factors for falls in patients with knee OA can facilitate the development of multifactorial and multiple-component interventions for the prevention of falls,” Hirotaka Iijima, PT, PhD, of Keio University, in Yokohama, Japan, and colleagues wrote. “A potential risk factor for falls in patients with knee OA that was not adequately addressed in earlier studies is low back pain (LBP).”

“However, no study has directly investigated the relationship among LBP, knee pain, and falls in patients with knee OA,” they added. “A clear understanding of the correlation between LBP and the risk of falls in patients with knee OA may help researchers in future clinical studies to establish effective programs for the prevention of falls in patients with knee OA.” | READ MORE


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