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Manitoba patients face long waits for hip, knee replacements: report

By Winnipeg Free Press   


March 28, 2014 – A report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information ranks Manitoba second-last among provinces for meeting benchmark wait-times for hip and knee replacements.

The benchmark for hip and knee replacements is 182 days, but the report
says Manitoba was able to provide timely hip and knee replacements just
68 per cent and 58 per cent of the time respectively in 2013.

Only Nova Scotia had a poorer record.


Across Canada, benchmark wait times were met 82 per cent of the time for hip replacements and 76 per cent for knees.

report also says Manitoba has the second-longest wait for cataract
surgery, but notes that the province is first when it comes to meeting
the benchmark for radiation therapy and repairing a fractured hip.

health critic Myrna Driedger says the report is disappointing, but
Health Minister Erin Selby says Manitoba performs the second-most hip
and knee replacements per capita in Canada and that wait times are being

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