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Documentary describes chiropractic mission through the eyes of youths

Maria DiDanieli   


March 16, Montreal, PQ – On January
27, in downtown Montreal, close to 200 people gathered for the debut of the film documentary “Allo la terre, j’ai pas de frontiers” or
Hello Earth, I have No Borders”.  The film is unique in that it showcases recent
humanitarian work in Bolivia
by a group of chiropractors from the province
of Quebec as presented
through the eyes of three young girls aged 10 to 14 years old!

successful mission is recorded by 10-year-old Élise Aumont, 13-year-old
Marianna Paquin, and 14-year-old Marielle Aumont, three aspiring journalists
who were accompanied by their chiropractor parents and a dozen fourth year
students from the UQTR chiropractic program on this adventure.  The mission, carried out by Chiropratique sans Frontiers (CSF), or Chiropractic without Borders (CWB) is
unveiled through the eyes and candour of these three young ladies. 


girls are curious and energetic, constantly learning new things through their
discoveries throughout the film – their enthusiasm is contagious! Their
testimony lends a deep significance to the mission, in which 2400 chiropractic
treatments were graciously carried out. The young girls return from this trip
transformed by their experiences, and by what they have learned about achieving
more than they thought possible through giving and sharing with those in need.

 « Allo la terre, j’ai pas de frontières » is a film documentary produced by François Tessier.
This project came to
fruition despite a low budget, thanks to the dedication of its professional production
team and volunteers.

Chiropractic Without Borders’

Chiropractic Without Borders (CWB) is a project whose goal it is to offer volunteer chiropractic
care and spinal health education and advice to poor populations in developing
countries. As well, it strives to support the development of local competencies
in chiropractic. All CWB missions are carried out in collaboration with Terre sans Frontières (TSF) as well as
local partners.

Chiropractic Without Borders assembles professionals and students from the chiropractic profession who
are willing to give their time and energy to deliver their expertise to people
in developing countries. CWB also accepts financial support from the
chiropractic sector.  When on a mission, offering
care to suffering people in need includes giving chiropractic examinations and
manipulations, as well as promoting spinal health practices. 

Learning the importance of good
spinal health, as highlighted by the chiropractic profession, is an added value
of CWB missions amongst poor populations living in developing countries.  

For more information on the documentary, «Allo la terre,
j’ai pas de frontiers » , or on Chiropratique Sans Frontières /
Chiropractic Without Borders, call
659-7717 or visit


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